Article | August 8, 2018

Maximizing ROI Through Equipment Liquidation

By Matt Hicks, Federal Equipment

Maximizing ROI Through Equipment Liquidation

Cost pressures are significant drivers for pharmaceutical manufacturers seeking to eliminate redundancies and increase productivity and efficiency. When selling equipment — whether to bring your facility up to current requirements, maximize the return from your existing footprint or liquidate assets when closing or selling a facility — the expertise and resources of a strategic, equipment management partner can optimize your resource recovery.

Asset Management Options

Larger pharmaceutical companies with multiple sites or those undertaking mergers and acquisitions typically have ongoing resource recovery initiatives. While these can be run in-house, they tend to require expertise that often isn’t available or in place, which puts a burden on other resources. Specialized external equipment companies can facilitate the management of equipment assets to maximize investment recovery. The greatest return is achieved when internal redeployment is possible and capital expenditures are avoided. However, when liquidation is the best option, it’s best to work with a strategic equipment partner to manage that process.

Facility liquidation projects are generally driven by two competing objectives — time available and expected monetary return. Granted, there is always a hard deadline to vacate or clean out a facility, and the expected monetary return becomes a factor when there is a loan to repay or a significant investment to recover within a short time span. For example, a facility that is just a few years old may have more pressure to recoup a higher return at sale versus a facility that is several years old and has earned the capital investment costs back multiple times.

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