Mettler Toledo XS204 Powder Weighing Enclosure With ADA Rolling Cart

Mettler Toledo XS204 Powder Weighing Enclosure With ADA Rolling Cart

Mettler XS204 Powder Weighing Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection when working with powdered substances down to a respiratory exposure concentration of less than 1 microgram powder per cubic meter of air (<1 ug/m3). Design accommodates sufficient space for efficient, ergonomic execution of powder weighing operations utilizing the Mettler XS204 Analytical Balance with dimensions (DxHxW) of 17.84” x 12.67” x 10.35” [453mm x 322mm x 263mm].

Access door on the left side of the unit facilitates product loading prior to weighing and removal of containerized waste and decontaminated equipment. Removable gloveport draftshield allows the user to manipulate product with or without the draftshield, depending on powder potency. Electromechanically actuated ADA table included to facilitate portability of enclosure.

Enclosure features include:

  • Dual-speed fan which automatically adjusts between two rotational fan speeds upon removal/replacement of the gloveport draftshield
  • Draftshield with 8” Oval Glove Ports
  • 10” Cover Plate to accommodate retrofit of a 10” Continuous Liner for waste disposal or product transfer
  • Thimble diffuser connection for connection to house exhaust (7” outer diameter when properly installed)
  • Recommended face velocity at the point of operation is 70-80 lfpm.

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