Pharmaceutical Aseptic Liquid Filling Equipment

Source: Dec Group
Vial capping.jpg

For highly accurate and controlled filling and weighing of sterile liquids, our proven and reliable technology prevents costly overfilling. The easy to validate aseptic filling machines are compatible with all high-tech production facility equipment, software and processes known in the pharmaceutical primary packaging industry.

The Inno4Life fit for purpose liquid filling solutions incorporate several aseptic filling process principles and options.

  • Net weight filling
  • Time-pressure filling
  • Peristaltic pump filling
  • Rotary piston pump filling

The aseptic liquid filling range consists of modular equipment, depending on the container and required output the container transport determines the type of equipment suitable for your needs.

  • Containers: Medicine bottles, vials, syringes, dual chamber syringes, sterile trays, similar containers
  • Basic process: Fill, check-weigh, flush, stopper and cap
  • Optional functionality: Check weighing, RABS, Isolator, RTU handling, Screw Cap (torque)

Low Speed filling equipment solutions

  • Liquid / vials
  • Nested vials / nested syringes
  • “Robot” movement
  • ≤60pppm

High Speed

  • Liquid / (Powder)
  • Vials / (Syringes/ Cartridges)
  • In line / Continuous movement
  • ≤450ppm

Large Volume

  • Liquid bottles
  • ≤ 80ppm