Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer Cryodesiccation Suite

Lyophilizer Cryodesiccation Suite

The Lyophilizer Cryodesiccation Suite designed to provide personnel protection while working with powder substances. Designed to work with a lyophilizer with dimensions 450mm (L) x 450mm (W) x 450 mm (H) (17.72” L x 17.72” W x 17.72” H).

On left side, enclosure suite features include polypropylene superstructure, dished phenolic base, cutout for pass-thru connection, acrylic viewing panels, sliding sash, hybrid waste chute, minihelic gauge, iris ports located each side (2x total), 24”x 14” Single-HEPA fan/filter housing, and (1x) 99.99% HEPA filter.

On right side, enclosure suite features minihelic gauge, removable draftshield, automatic adjusting dual-speed fan, pass-thru, integrated FS1650 velocity alarm, 8” oval glove ports, 18”x 36” Dual-HEPA fan/filter housing, and (2x) 99.99% efficiency HEPA filters.

Enclosure suite electrical requirements are 220-240 VAC.


External Width: 72”
External Depth: 30”
Internal Height: 48”