Pharmaceutical Solid Dose Manufacturing Process Training Courses

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Introducing Solid Dose Manufacturing Process Training, a comprehensive three-day course designed to equip you with the essentials of creating high-quality tablet and capsule oral solid dosage forms. Limited to 24 participants, this hands-on course ensures a more intimate learning experience tailored to each attendee's needs. Discover the techniques that will assist you in enhancing your development and scale-up operations in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dive into the step-by-step unit operations within manufacturing, explore common terminology, and gain practical knowledge through hands-on breakout sessions. Key topics covered include API, Excipients, Formulation, Batch Manufacturing, Continuous Manufacturing, Granulation, Milling Operations, Mixing & Blending Operations, Tableting, Tablet Defects, Tooling, Coating, and Encapsulation.

Upon completion, participants will swiftly assess drug product formulas, determine manufacturing processes, and understand process control while confidently navigating pharmaceutical or supplement facilities to better understand equipment and production pathways.

This program facilitates the unification of support groups or departments, serving as an exceptional platform for enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing. Both seasoned professionals and newcomers will benefit from this engaging and informative course, which adheres to FDA and cGMP guidelines and regulations. Experience the most enjoyable and educational seminar in the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Unit Operations
  • API and Excipient Formulation
  • Granulation Techniques: Wet, Dry, and Direct Compression
  • Milling and Particle Size Control
  • Blending Operations and Mixing Processes
  • Tableting: Tablet Compression
  • Tablet Defects and Solutions
  • Tooling Inspection and Care
  • Coating: Tablet Coating and Particle Coating
  • Encapsulation: Hard-Shell Encapsulation

Course Information:

The course fee includes a detailed course manual and personalized training certificate upon completion.

Dive into the world of Quality by Design (QbD), Process Analytical Technology (PAT), and Process Development to guarantee product quality and adherence to regulatory standards. Expand your understanding of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), raw materials, and diverse manufacturing operations. Boost your expertise in drug delivery, bioavailability, compaction, validation, and real-time process monitoring, empowering you to excel in the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical landscape. Benefit from the perfect blend of theory and practice to ensure a well-rounded and enriching learning experience.