Powder Rheology Accessory

Powder Rheology Feature

The Powder Rheology Accessory expands the DHR's capabilities to powders, enabling the characterization of behaviors during storage, dispensing, processing, and end-use.

Product development and process optimization are accelerated with quantitative measurements of dynamic flowability and shear properties of consolidated powder, under ambient conditions or controlled temperature. Screening incoming raw materials or new formulations detects unexpected behavior to avoid large-scale production issues and provide granular-level insights into powder morphology variations to enable solutions to challenging processing problems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Flexibility to switch from liquid or solid samples to powders in less than 10 seconds, keeping pace with rapidly changing testing needs
  • Measurements of powder behavior during processing, dispensing, storage and end- use with interchangeable tools for dynamic flowability, shear properties and more
  • Repeatable results enabled by fast, easy intuitive sample loading and automated conditioning protocols
  • Walk-up usability for every operator – TRIOS Powder test forms streamline routine test methods while enabling complete customizability
  • Simplified data interpretation with optional Powder Analysis software, reporting quantitative key performance indicators in one click
  • Available temperature control: -10 °C to 150 °C