Article | May 13, 2019

Raman Spectroscopy Beyond The Lab: From The Loading Dock To The Production Area

Source: Anton Paar USA

By Daniel Hudgins

Raman 1

In today’s manufacturing environment, companies face rising pressures to reduce costs while increasing production targets and enhancing product quality. This typically requires utilization of new technologies, which can be difficult to do in legacy facilities, where capabilities can be quickly outmoded as industry standards modernize. As stakeholders throughout the value chain evaluate supplier capabilities, competencies, responsiveness, and consistency, innovation and optimization are rapidly becoming the benchmark for customer service. And although quality assurance is often viewed as a cost center rather than an asset to increasing efficiency, novel analytic techniques and equipment can help drive profitability in development, research, and quality control. One such solution is Raman spectroscopy, available in a compact, portable analyzer with a wide range of benefits in industrial and academic research.