News | April 1, 2021

5 Reasons To Consider Purchasing Previously Owned Spare Parts

By Justin Kadis

Introducing PharmParts, a new way to source the parts you need for your solid dose manufacturing equipment. After decades spent buying and selling capital equipment from the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements, and similar products, Federal Equipment Company has built an inventory of spare parts for all the equipment you would find in those manufacturing facilities. We are now offering a new way to source the parts you need for tablet presses, capsule fillers, mills, coaters, fluid bed dryers, and more. Consider why these pharm-parts make sense for your oral solid dose production facility.

  1. Cost Savings

There is no secret here. When you buy from PharmParts, you will be paying less than the new price for the same part from other sources. Many of the parts in our inventory are actually new and unused. If you restock your parts inventory from PharmParts or buy the parts for your next preventative maintenance plan, you will achieve year-over-year cost savings in your parts stock room versus sourcing original and aftermarket parts from traditional sources. And you will be getting your parts faster!

  1. Urgent Need!

Sometimes you need a part right away. A machine is down and causing a backorder. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is out of stock and there is a long lead time. Check the PharmParts inventory for your urgently needed parts. We have graded our inventory (and priced it accordingly) with a scale that ranges from “new and unused” to “hero” – a part that has some wear, but may be just what you need available within the time you need. Find your “hero” part to get many different types of machines back in production and save the day for your manufacturing operations!

  1. Selection

When you browse the inventory at PharmParts you will find many parts for the leading OEM brands and models all in the same place. You can buy tablet press parts, capsule change parts, screens for your mills, and a new bowl for your fluid bed dryer all in the same place. We also offer easy credit card payments and integrated shipping to make selecting our pharmaceutical production parts even more convenient. If you don’t see what you are looking for ask, our inventory changes constantly as we continue to buy equipment from the leading OEMs.

  1. Quality

If you are worried about the quality of used parts or non-OEM aftermarket parts, you can stop. In addition to our “condition” grading on each part, you can expect to find OEM parts sourced reputably from within the industry. Many of these parts are original OEM parts manufactured for your machines. You will also find the highest quality aftermarket parts from those manufacturers you know and trust to replace the parts you have just taken from your stockroom.

  1. Sustainable

When you buy a new part from the original manufacturer of the equipment, you have signaled to them (and the world) to make more! That’s great when the world needs “more.” But what if there is an inventory of these original parts somewhere else and priced much cheaper than new? Then you save money and encourage sustainable business practices. is part of the “circular economy.” We also need your surplus parts and equipment to replenish our inventory. Consider selling your overstocked and surplus parts to PharmParts.

Sourcing parts from PharmParts makes sense for your oral solid dose production facility. Save money. Save time. Get original parts for many different types of equipment. And do this while promoting sustainable business practices. If you still need encouragement, visit PharmParts and use promotional code PPLAUNCH for an additional 10% off your first order before May 1, 2021!

Source: Federal Equipment Company