Safe Handling Of Toxic Or Corrosive Pharmaceutical Liquids

Source: Dec Group
DS Liquid

DCS® Liquid was specifically developed for toxic and corrosive liquids, achieving containment levels of < 1 ppb. The safe and contained emptying and filling of drums is thus made possible without additional precautions, such as full protective clothing or large laminar airflow booths.

DCS® Liquid is used with a suction lance which is housed in a special venting tube with a sealing plug.

The system can be equipped with load cells for precision dosing.

Drums can be partially emptied, eliminating the need for inefficient and time-consuming pre-dispensing.

This versatile system can be adapted for the handling of different drums sizes and types and can also be used with plastic canisters when using a dummy drum.‚Äč

The liquid will be emptied by using an external pump (i.e diaphragm pump) or using the vacuum of the vessel.