Sensors, Positioners, and Feedback

Source: Festo Corporation


Festo provides a wide range of process automation products and complete process solutions with automated process valves, diaphragm valves, sensors and positioners. At the control level, Festo manufactures pneumatic pilot valves, valve terminals, I/O systems and HMIs which integrate seamlessly with leading DCS and controllers. This reduces risk and cost by simplifying integration and providing a single source supplier.

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 Sensor Box SRBF

  • Economical metal body sensor box
  • Two mechanical limit switches
  • Visual indicator

Analog/Binary Sensor Box SRAP/SRBP     

  • SRBP model with open/close position indication
  • SRAP model with analog position feedback
  • Visual indicator

Digital Positioner CMSX

  • Analog positioner for pneumatic quarter turn actuator
  • No air consumption when positioned
  • Provides analog outpout of actual positin

Water Flow Sensor SFAW

  •  Water flow sensor
  • Suitable for liquids with viscosity < 2mPA s
  • Digital and analog outputs

Pressure Sensor for Liquids & Gases SPAW

  • Pressure sensor for liquids and gases
  • Stainless body and measuring element
  • Suitable for vacuum to 1450psi 

Pressure Transmitter SPTW

  • Pressure sensor for liquids and gases
  • Relative pressure measurement
  • Suitable for vacuum to 1450 psi 

Pressure Sensor SPAB

  • Pressure sensor for compressed air and vacuum
  • Illuminating 3 color LCD display
  • Digital and analog outputs

Proximity Sensor SME/SMT

  • Proximity sensor for linear actuators type DLP, DFPI
  • Plug, cable, or flying lead termination
  • Ex rated accordging to ATEX 

Displacement Encoder MLO-POT-...-LWG

  • Connecting rod potentiometer
  • Use with positioner and DLP linear actuator for closed loop linear control
  • High level of corrosion resistance

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