Article | April 16, 2019

Serialization And Aggregation Requirements In Russia

Source: Wipotec-OCS
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On December 25, 2018, Russian President V. Putin signed Federal Law No. 488-FZ, which deals with the amendments to Federal Law No. 381-FZ (28.12.2009) on the “Principles of State Regulation of Trading Activities in the Russian Federation”.

Federal Law No. 381-FZ is thereby supplemented with regard to the mandatory labelling of goods for unique identification. A labelling code in machine-readable form, presented as a data matrix code/barcode or recorded in an RFID tag, is stipulated as the identification means. It also lists the definitions for its essential components:

  • Labelling code (a unique sequence of characters, consisting of an identification code and a verification code; AI01 GTIN, AI21 SN, crypto code AI91&92)
  • Identification code (a sequence of characters representing a unique number of units of goods; AI01 GTIN, AI21 SN)
  • Verification code (a sequence of characters generated by the cryptographic transformation of the identification code and enabling the identification of forged identification codes when it is verified using a control data module and/or with verification code verifiers; AI 91, AI 92)
  • Verification code verifiers (checking of the authenticity or forgery of the identification code as a result of verifying it using the verification code and the key document for verification of the identification code)
  • Technical means for generating a check code - hardware-software encryption (cryptographic) information security tools, which ensure the generation of a check code as the result of a cryptographic conversion of an identification code and for which a security agency has issued a document.

The following article outlines the labeling and management of track and trace data requirements of the new law.