Single-Use mAb Process Playbook

Build your personalized mAb production single-use process

More than ever, biomanufacturers are seeking support to quickly and efficiently produce a wide variety of therapies to meet the growing population’s needs. Striving to enable and complement your goals, we’ve leveraged our end-to-end workflow strategies to provide a highly flexible, standard, single-use offering in the form of a modular library of products: the monoclonal antibody (mAb) Process Playbook.

Advantages of the mAb Process Playbook

  • Flexibility in modular design: A library of standard products designed to optimize your supply chain by using the minimal number of unique manifolds to address diverse unit operation requirements.
  • Optimize your single-use supply: This standard offering is backed by a global manufacturing network with production redundancy. A robust supply chain of reliable, off-the-shelf components means you can rest assured during operation.
  • Leverage our expertise: This modular library with our expertise will help reduce the labor involved in process engineering for your specific application.