Newsletter | March 17, 2023

03.17.23 -- Strategic Procurement For Emerging Pharmas & Biotechs

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An Introduction To High Voltage Leak Detection (HVLD) Technology

There are a variety of methods widely used in the detection of pinholes, cracks, and defective seals in containers, but a majority are destructive, causing the loss of product and packaging components.

The Role Of Micronization With Dry Powder Inhaler Technologies

Read about a new generation of spiral jet mills that has been developed to meet specific particle size distribution (PSD) targets.

Error Proofing Single-Use Systems: Three Strategies From Med Devices

Using lessons learned and best practices from the medical device industry, discover demonstrated error-proofing steps to eliminate risk or potential misconnections when designing single-use systems.

Optimize mRNA Manufacturing: Considerations When Developing Robust Processes In A cGMP Environment

Explore current and emerging technologies to optimize mRNA manufacturing, specifically mRNA production technology aspects, especially when considering commercial production and the validation of processes in a cGMP environment.

Evaluating Container Closure Integrity Of High-Risk Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturing inconsistencies often result in container closure failure, causing serious implications down the supply chain. Learn why it is critical to use the most precise leak testing method possible.

Ensuring The Efficacy Of Probiotic Products

Without proper handling and packaging, the efficacy of probiotics can be compromised at any point of the packaging, storage, and transportation process, impacting shelf life and effectiveness.

5 Steps To Ensure Operational Security In The Life Sciences

An operational technology (OT) network consists of all of the systems that support operations. Here are five steps to securing an OT network or simply proving that it is, indeed, secure.

Using The 505(B)(2) Pathway To Streamline Approval Of Combination Products

In recent years, the quantity of approvals for products and 505(b)(2) applications has risen, causing developers to map out their regulatory strategies as early as possible.

Highly Potent Formulations: Manufacturing Strategies

As the number of highly potent drugs in development and on the market increases, regulatory expectations continue to evolve. Review the regulatory considerations for today’s highly potent products.

Proven, Scalable New Membrane Platform For mAB Capture

Discover a new type of chromatographic material that combines high protein binding capacity with high productivity. Explore performance data of the membrane measuring yield, impurity reduction, and other factors.

Aggregation In Pharma: The Future-Proof Solution

This white paper highlights the fact that there are no limits to progress in the pharma industry and provides an insight into the improvement potential of all processes in the supply chain using aggregation.

Developing A Multidrug Combination, Antiparasitic Drug For Dogs

Discover how it worked to manufacture clinical supplies of flavored tablets with multiple APIs in just six months while ensuring content uniformity and stability.

Strategies, Emerging Technologies For mAb Capture

Explore opportunities with the introduction of high-capacity protein A resins, how and when multicolumn chromatography is beneficial, and how emerging technologies can address bottlenecks.

Automated Ingredient Batch Weighing And Dispensing

This webinar focuses on a number of automated batching and ingredient handling techniques for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food industries, and evaluates how automated material handling techniques can also address issues in safety and process efficiency.

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