White Paper

The Keys To Superior Containment In Compounding Applications

Source: Flow Sciences Inc.

By Dr. Robert Haugen, Director of Product and Technology Development

Superior Containment

In the last fifteen years, the number of compounding labs has dramatically increased in the United States. Because there is an increasing demand for more high potency products and the number of different products being compounded in each facility is growing, there is an increasing need for quality control worldwide in these labs.

From insulin to various heart and cancer medications, highly accurate measurement is required during formulation of compound drugs. If compound purity and worker exposure issues are not resolved, modern compound pharmaceutical companies have the capacity to significantly harm both the patients and workers inside these labs.

This paper reviews why very bad things happen when either quantity or purity of Highly Potent Active Pharmaceuticals is not properly maintained during the compounding process. Additionally, when highly potent active pharma ingredients are not effectively contained, workers may be adversely affected.