Thermo Scientific DHX Heat Exchanger

Thermo Scientific DHX Heat Exchanger

A new solution to heat transfer - Thermo Scientific™ DHX Heat Exchanger
The Thermo Scientific™ DHX™ Heat Exchanger is a modular system that employs a plate-and-frame concept, using a single-use BioProcess Container (BPC) as the sterile fluid path. The BPCs fit tightly between five dimpled, stainless-steel plates efficiently transferring heat in a counter-current flow path. The system provides efficient, sterile heat transfer that easily integrates into any new or existing process.

Key features and benefits

  • Completely isolated flow paths for process and heat transfer fluid
  • Counter-current, serpentine flow patterns
  • Dimpled jacketing on the plates provides turbulent flow
  • BPCs fill in place with no operator interaction
  • Modular design and small overall footprint allows for changing process needs
  • Reduced infrastructure requirements
  • Reduced processing time
  • Improved product consistency

Sterile fluid path for process fluid
Each single-use DHX BPC fits tightly between the stainless-steel plate assembly. In a completely isolated flow path, the process fluid flows through the BPCs counter-currently to the heating/cooling fluid within the plates. Once the BPCs are loaded in place, no further operator interaction is required.