White Paper

Top 10 Reasons To Use Rigid Wall Isolators

Source: Extract Technology

These days several Pharmaceutical companies are moving to single use, flexible film isolators for containment of potent compounds during Pharmaceutical processing. Flexible film isolators have also been used for aseptic processes, like sterility testing. These isolators are a low cost, simple design generally consisting of a stainless steel lower framework which supports a work table and an upper stainless steel framework that supports the flexible enclosure. Typical enclosure material can be polyvinylchloride or polyurethane. The glove sleeves are often made of the same materials and are part of the enclosure. Air passes through inlet and outlet filters. Blowers can be included to create positive or negative air pressure and ports or panels added for introducing or removing items to or from the isolator. These isolators are lightweight, easy to set up, have good visibility and good flexibility while working in the gloves. In contrast is the rigid wall isolator.