Used GEA Niro Pharmaceutical Spray Drying System

Used GEA Niro Pharmaceutical Spray Drying Syste

Used GEA Niro sanitary spray drying system consisting of: Model PSD4 GEA Niro spray dryer, approximately 8' inner diameter x 8'6" straight side x 8'9" deep cone bottom spray dryer chamber, 316 stainless steel product contact surfaces, mirror internal finish, with fluid nozzle and centrifugal rotary atomizers, approximately 17" diameter, sanitary stainless steel cyclone fines collector, approximately 6' diameter dust collector, sanitary stainless steel construction, pulse jet, cone bottom, set up for electric or steam heating with Watlow, 145 kw electric heater with external Hepa filter, air handler with steam coil and Watlow 37.25 kw electric heater, internal Hepa filter, designed for nitrogen purge, 7.5 hp process air supply blower, 7.5 hp process air return blower, set up for solvent recovery with condenser(less receiver pot), solution feed pump with Micro Motion flow meter, inter connecting pipe work from dryer, to dust collector and cyclone, GEA Niro control panel and HMI panel, 460 volt, 3 phase, GEA Niro fabrication# 099-0013-00, built 1999.

SKU: 3861-1

Manufacturer: GEA Niro

Location: Cleveland, OH