Used 500 Liter Charles Ross Emulsifier: Model VSL-500

500 Liter Ross Emulsifier

Unused Ross tank mounted high shear mixer, model VSL 500L, stainless steel construction, 500 liter Ross tank, stainless steel construction, approximately 38" diameter x 32" straight side, bolt on dish top, dish bottom, rated 1.3 psi and full vacuum at 350 f internal, jacketed for 50 psi at 350 f, with top mounted series 500 Ross high shear mixer, 25 hp, 460 volt sanitary motor includes 1.5 hp, Airtech vacuum pump, with onboard control panel, 460 volt, Ross tank serial# 417284, national board# 762, machine serial# 115659, built 2019. Unit still on original shipping skid from manufacturer.

SKU: 3733-1

Manufacturer: Ross
Location: Cleveland, OH