Vented Balance Safety Enclosure

Vented Balance Safety Enclosure

For use in pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, and toxicological laboratory settings. Specifically designed to provide maximum containment for balance applications. The opening of the enclosure has uniquely designed acrylic airfoils that allow a smooth turbulence-free airflow that prevents balance fluctuation. Weigh down to 5 places without fluctuations or loss of product. The work surface is black for easy powder detection, constructed of tough, chemically resistant phenolic resin, and has a dished bottom for containing spills. Enclosures feature an ergonomic, energy efficient design with angled front for worker comfort.

Flow Sciences has conducted independent, third party testing on its enclosures. Using the ASHRAE 110 tracer gas test, the VBSE™ showed zero loss of containment at face velocity measurements down to 31 LFPM.

Enclosures are available in 19.5 inch Tall and 30 inch Tall Models with multiple standard widths to choose from. Unit includes an alarm, which is designed to continuously monitor airflow through the enclosure.


  • Enclosure constructed of 3/8″ acrylic
  • Chemically resistant phenolic resin baseAir plenums mounted on rear of enclosure
  • Dished to contain spills
  • Black Base for easy powder detection
  • White Base available
  • Filter air using the FSI Fan Filter Housing and then connect to house exhaust via a thimble connection.
  • Filter air using the FSI Fan Filter Housing and then recirculate back into the labMultiple filtering options available including Bagout HEPA with 99.99% efficiency and a variety of Carbon filters in single or dual filtration configurations
  • Enclosure can connect directly to house exhaust
  • Angled front of enclosure allows safe up-close work
  • Maximum personnel protection maintained without sacrificing worker comfort
  • Aerodynamically designed air foils equipped with alarm sensor
  • Each system comes standard with a Face Velocity Alarm