Newsletter | June 28, 2024

06.28.24 -- Where's The Case For Generative AI In Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing?


The Business Value Of Connectivity For Product Inspection Equipment

Realize the value of connectivity, and more specifically, the value of the information provided by checkweighing, metal detection, vision inspection, and x-ray inspection.

Considerations For Prefilled Syringes For 503(b) Compounding Facilities

Industry experts weigh in on how to help 503(b) compounding facilities bring acute care drugs to market more quickly, provide a safer drug administration process, and minimize health care and hospital costs.

Applications For High Voltage Leak Detection You Might Not Be Aware Of

Learn in detail about high voltage leak detection (HVLD), packaging applications that can be inspected with HVLD, and how to determine the best leak-testing method for your application.

Accelerated Development: Gene Therapy Vs. Small Molecule

Combined with the inherent difficulty of the chemistry behind gene therapy development, its pace, structure, and funding dynamics are unique among treatment modalities.

Managing Supply For Complex Biotherapeutics

Antibody-drug conjugates' manufacturing supply chain contains five different technologies with specific asset needs: monoclonal antibody, cytotoxic payload, linker, bioconjugation, and fill/finish.

Achieving Ophthalmic Production

A partner with state-of-the-art facilities can guarantee efficient and scalable production of ophthalmic solutions, drops, and ointments, and is critical as you navigate the complexities of ophthalmic production.

Transform With An Equipment Partner: Preparing For Serialization

Explore factors to consider as your organization works to conform to the serialization guidelines.

Critical Supply Strategies For CROs

Leveraging the expertise of a chosen clinical supply partner can be a valuable resource. Examine key considerations when partnering with a CRO in order to deliver a successful clinical supply strategy.

How To Prepare For An Inspection: 8 Tips For Success

To achieve a successful inspection, organizations should adopt best practices. Examine these eight invaluable tools for inspection success.

Lyobeads Are The Hottest Thing In Freeze Drying For Pharma

If the lyophilization process is applied to a single droplet of liquid, it creates a lyo ‘bead’ rather than a lyo 'cake.' Discover the potential of lyobeads and why they are an excellent alternative.

Extractables And Leachables: Risk Management And Analytical Solutions

Partnering with a CDMO that offers comprehensive and robust E&L studies can help facilitate a smooth product launch by ensuring minimal impact from impurities, all while mitigating risks.

Softgel Formulation: Addressing Stability, Shelf-Life, And Bioavailability

A CDMO that has expertise and resources in softgel formulation can help companies address stability issues, improve drug bioavailability, or ensure compliance with regulations.

Nanoforming: The Patient- And Planet-Centric Approach

By reducing the size of drug particles, nanoforming can open up new opportunities — from increasing bioavailability to enabling sustained drug delivery. Discover the potential benefits supported by case studies.

Optimizing Drug Discovery And Development Collaborations

As demand for more precise, tailored CRO services grows, so does the emphasis drug developers place on their partners’ flexibility, agility, and enthusiasm for collaboration.

Selecting The Best Pharmaceutical Mixing Equipment For Your Operations

Finding the right mixing equipment isn’t as simple as selecting an item from a menu. Here is what you should consider when choosing pharmaceutical mixing equipment and vendors for a facility.


Where's The Case For Generative AI In Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing?

The early use cases for AI in the industry — at least, the early public use cases — have largely come from R&D, and more specifically, target identification and molecular design. Where are the use cases in biologics manufacturing, supply chain management, QMS, and operations, and what’s holding us back?


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