Capsule Production Products & Services

  1. Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel Bulk Containers

    Hanningfield supplies stainless steel Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for use in the pharmaceutical industry. The containers are designed for the safe and contained transport, storage and handling of material. Typically the IBCs are supplied with capacity of 150 liters – 1500 liters, but can be custom made to suit any process requirement or application.

  2. Sterile Pharmaceutical Powder Filling Equipment

    The latest version of the AFG stands for highest flexibility in sterile pharmaceutical powder filling into vials. The new series offers the choice between several machine versions with different features and output rates up to 480 vials per minute.

  3. High Performance Tablet Deduster
  4. Tablet Deduster For Research Applications: Model E80-N

    Ideal for production of middle-sized charges and research applications.

  5. Diverter For Tablets And Capsules: KV2010

    Manual 2-way diverter used for continuous filling of containers with tablets or capsules.

  6. Jet Breaker - Deagglomeration Of Pharmaceutical Powders

    De-agglomeration of powder blocs according to GMP standard.

  7. Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor: PP 150 C

    Compaction and granulation machine for the chemical industry.
    The Alexanderwerk PP 150 C is especially designed as a machine which meets the highest requirements and standards of the chemical industry. As the smallest Alexanderwerk model for the chemical sector it provides a roller diameter of 150 mm and a roller width of 75 mm. With a throughput up to 400 kg/h the PP 150 C can be used in a test center, for the research and development as well as for the production.

  8. Clinical Supplies Management Services - Pharma Solid Oral Dosage

    Ropack Pharma Solutions welcomes the challenge of solving complex supply issues by using a unique blend of traditional and innovative services that can significantly shorten timelines, reduce cost and improve drug availability and patient compliance.

  9. Rotary Tablet Press With A Single Footprint
  10. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing For Commercial Drug Product

    With Metrics Contract Services’ extensive capabilities, you can keep your drug product development, clinical trial materials and commercial manufacturing all under one roof. From teacup-size batches and up, Metrics Contract Services provides high quality drug product contract manufacturing for both clinical trial materials and commercialization.