Formulation Development White Papers & Articles

  1. Optimizing Process Efficiency In Upstream Manufacturing

    Increasing the integration of upstream and downstream processing and moving toward increased automation results in greater optimization of process efficiency - a key goal for biopharmaceutical production.

  2. Utilizing External Collaboration To Accelerate Vaccine Development

    Securing a partner to serve as an extension of Janssen’s Biotherapeutics Development API-Large Molecule team was essential to reducing both risk and the time needed for delivery of critical clinical supplies.

  3. FDA-Approved 3D Printed Drug Paves Path For Precision Care In Patients

    3D printing allows drug companies to not only boost efficacy and adherence but also contribute to their brand longevity by expanding and capturing market share with other dosage form options. 

  4. Manufacturing Powders And Particles: Analytical Solutions For Industrial Application

    The properties of the particles that make up a pharmaceutical powder directly affect its behavior, a classic example being that finer particles are usually associated with poor flowability. However, so too do other ‘system’ variables, such as the degree of aeration or consolidation. The analytical toolkit required for the knowledge-led control of formulation properties therefore necessarily extends from particle characterization through to bulk powder testing techniques. Particle characteristics are the levers manipulated to meet performance targets, but bulk powder properties often define some of these targets. Marrying the results from both types of analysis is often the key to efficient progress.

  5. Five Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Analytical Testing

    For an industry in which collaborative working is increasingly the norm, turning to external experts for analytical input provides a cost-effective route to the latest instrumentation, robust, precise measurement and reliable data interpretation. 

  6. The Pharma Trends You Need To Know: A CDMO’s Perspective

    Companies must understand how today’s new pharmaceutical landscape is causing a dramatic shift in how we plan for and execute drug development and manufacturing.

  7. Making The Business Case For Vaccine Manufacturing

    Vaccines are absolutely crucial for maintaining global health, but are a challenge to develop and manufacture. How can businesses ensure profitability while providing low prices for developing countries?

  8. The Past And Future Of Managing Raw Material And Process Risks In Biomanufacturing

    How far have we come in raw material supply management, and what still needs accomplished to ensure the delivery of safe and effective drugs?

  9. Materials Characterization In Pharma

    Materials science is now helping pharmaceutical companies to standardize and control areas such as drug form and manufacture to deliver new products more quickly and with greater quality.

  10. Recent Developments In ADC Technology: A Harbinger Of Future Clinical Trends

    The ADC field is in a transitional period. Older approaches to conjugate composition and dosing regimens still dominate the ADC clinical pipeline, but preclinical work is driving a rapid evolution in how we strategize to improve efficacy and reduce toxicity towards better therapeutic outcomes. In an indication of future directions for the field, antibody conjugates bearing non-cytotoxic small molecule payloads are being developed to reduce side effects associated with treatment of chronic diseases.