Liquid Dose Featured Articles

  1. Transient Overheating In Empty Autoclave Chambers

    The transient overheat in empty autoclave chambers is a phenomenon that frequently occurs during validation studies. This article investigates the main causes and methods to prevent it or to cope with it.

  2. Ready-To-Install Laboratory Automation Systems For Efficient Laboratory Processes

    Analytical laboratories have to provide sound results in a short time.  Speed and reproducibility play a significant role here.  Modern automation technology saves time, increases quality and reduces costs for the transport and distribution of samples.  Ready-to-install subsystems from Festo are opening up new possibilities for efficient processes in laboratory automation.

  3. Configuring & Customizing Liquid Filling Applications

    The liquid filling space has undergone an evolution in the last quarter century. Just 25 years ago, pharmaceutical companies had engineering resources at their disposal to help put together filling lines. Equipment manufacturers were only contacted when the companies needed a filler, capper, or labeler.

  4. Medicago’s Innovative Vaccine Production Using Tobacco Plants

    In the American South, below the old Mason-Dixon Line, you can walk down some house-lined streets in summer and see tidy plantings of tobacco growing in the front yards. Tobacco barns, built for drying, not storing, are as common down there as hay barns in Wisconsin.

  5. Can India Achieve cGMP For Vaccines? Does It Matter?

    Bharat Biotech pledged to sell Rotovac for the rotavirus for $1 a dose to compete with GSK and Merck, if they make it cheaper can they make it safer?

  6. Liquid Dosage Best Practice: Measuring Viscosity of Small Samples

    Formulating new products in the pharmaceutical world oftentimes requires working with small sample volumes. Therefore the viscosity measurement method requires an apparatus that can work effectively with limited amounts of material.

  7. Liquid Dose: Measuring Physical Properties

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers have plenty to worry about when producing formulated products consistently within spec. Focus on active ingredients demands the greatest attention because the major investment cost is typically in this area.

  8. Investigation Of New Level Technologies In Single Use, Disposable Systems

    This article presents guided wave radar level measurement as an acceptable, less expensive alternate to load cell systems. By David Ladoski and Dan Klees