Liquid Dose Products & Services

  1. Purified Water Generation Systems: Pharmaceutical Production

    Pharmatec Purified Water and Highly Purified Water Generation Systems are designed for the production of purified and highly purified water for pharmaceutical production. All valid pharmaceutical and technical rules and standards are followed and applied. 

  2. Low Temperature Cooling Systems And Equipment

    FTS Thermal Products offer low temperature cooling equipment for any thermal management requirement.

  3. Blister Packaging Equipment For Liquid And Solid Dose Manufacturing

    Pentapack advanced unit dose pharmaceutical blister packaging systems offer the unique capability to package both solid and liquid dose medications with one machine. Medications are clearly identified with bar code labeling software and high resolution label printing. 

  4. Smart Wireless THUM™ Analyzer Advanced Diagnostics

    The Smart Wireless THUM Adapter is an easy way to unleash otherwise “stranded” advanced diagnostics, such as pH slope, reference offset, glass impedance, and reference impedance to enable you to diagnose probe condition.

  5. Advanced Dual-Input Analyzer With Continuous Measurements

    The Model 56 advanced dual-input analyzer supports continuous measurement of one or two sensor inputs. The modular design allows signal input boards to be field replaced, making configuration changes easy. The high resolution full-color display gives unsurpassed visibility and functionality for liquid analytical instrumentation.

  6. Aerosol Microleak Detection System

    Emerson's Cascade Technologies is the global leader of packaging leak detection systems for the Aerosol, Food, and Pharmaceutical industries. The Cascade CT2211 aerosol microleak detection system is the first Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) system developed for automated, in-line leak detection.

  7. Aseptic Pharmaceutical Filling Equipment

    PennTech's model FS-22 is a machine designed specifically for low- to medium-speed pharmaceutical, biotech and animal health filling and rubber stopper inserting applications.

  8. Pharmaceutical Steam Sterilizer

    The FOB-TS series combines performance with high-quality materials and reduced consumption. All models can be configured using various customized systems with a wide range of processes and software options as well as a wide choice of accessories.

  9. Pharmaceutical Vertical Laboratory Sterilizer: FVG

    L in FVG series combines outstanding performance with high quality materials, ease of use and reduced consumption.

  10. Pharmaceutical Laboratory Sterilizer: FVS

    L to FVS series combines outstanding performance with high quality materials, ease of use and reduced consumption.