Development & Manufacturing Products & Services

  1. JetVent™: Pharmaceutical Powder Containment Enclosure

    The JetVent system allows for easy and confident handling of expensive and dangerous powders.

  2. JetMixer™ — Mixing System For Media And Buffer Powders Into Liquids

    Fast Powder Mixing And Complete Protection Of Powder Properties

    The efficient mixing of media and buffer powders into liquids is a crucial step in profitable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

  3. Single Use Containment Systems For Granulator Equipment

    In the pharmaceutical industry, granulation is used to create bonds between particles as part of the oral solid dosage manufacturing process.

  4. Containment Systems For Milling Systems

    Milling is a common operation throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Sizing of powders is a dusty operation and with more potent powders being processed, the need for containing this operation becomes even more critical from safety and cross contamination avoidance purposes. 

  5. Containment System For Tablet Coating Systems

    Tablet coating is a common operation throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.  ILC Dover supplies a family of products that support contained Tablet Coating operation. 

  6. Tablet Press Containment Systems

    Tablet compression is a common operation throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.  ILC Dover supplies a family of products that support contained Tablet Compression operations.

  7. Tablet Deduster

    Krämer dedusters ensure a smooth operation daily at the sites of hundreds of pharmaceutical companies, ranging from multinationals to small local manufacturers of tablets and capsules. Our customers appreciate the quality and reliability of our equipment.

  8. Benchtop Bioprocessing Solutions

    Flexible, reliable control and bioreactor systems for laboratory applications

    Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ bioprocess control systems are designed to optimize your process from the laboratory bench to full cGMP manufacturing. Our innovative control platform combines a flexible operating system with scalable, modular hardware, novel single-use sensors, and state-of-the-art bioreactors for strategic and streamlined bioprocess control.

    HyPerforma benchtop solutions offer robust management of both cell culture and fermentation processes. The open architecture provides process flexibility, and dedicated hardware control allows for expansion. Thermo Scientific™ TruBio™ software is designed to support easy process control and scaling.

  9. Vibratory Loss-In-Weight Feeder For Difficult Pharmaceutical Powders

    The Coperion K-Tron PH line of pharmaceutical design loss-in-weight vibratory tray feeders combine high accuracy with a configuration which is ideal for materials which may not be suitable in twin screw feeders, such as dfficult flowing API‘s. The gentle vibratory feeding principle allows for  low rate feeding without build up which can occur on screws and screw tubes. Coperion K-Tron’s patented load cells and KCM controller ensure high accuracy feeding while the easy clean design of the vibratory tray ensure quick and easy product changeover. Specialty control algorithms permit the vibration method of feeding, without interrupting the loss in weight signal.

  10. Combination Cartridge And Vial Filling System

    Bosch's MLD 3000 machine series is recognized for its performance, precision and pharmaceutical safety. The MLD 3000 machine series is suitable for medium and high production rates. The series fulfills the desire of many manufacturers to have a truly customized solution to fit their specific needs.