Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Featured Editorial

  1. An Introduction To Biopharmaceutical Facility Design & Layout

    This article explores modern facility design principles that make use of the most flexible new technologies and provide a platform to rein in costs, reduce schedules, and deliver products compliantly and within business risk tolerance.

  2. BioMarin Transforms Supplier M&A Into Joint Ventures

    To navigate supplier and CMO consolidation, Isaac Young, senior director, supply chain operations, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc., offers some advice: Approach your outsourcing relationships like joint ventures. “As you have this greater engagement between two companies,” says Young, “you’re likely to enter an interdependent relationship. Why not acknowledge that rather than try to power-play or position one another?”

  3. Who’s YOUR Yoda? What Star Wars Can Teach Us About GMP/Quality Mentoring

    The newest round of Star Wars mania got me thinking about one of the themes in the movie series — mentoring.

  4. Are Your Single-Use Sensor Tests Set Up To Fail?

    When it comes to testing methods, experts warn that the same testing methods used on stainless-steel sensors should not be used for single-use sensors. If an attempt is being made to recreate results achieved with a traditional sensor, it’s very possible for those results to appear unfavorable with a single-use sensor.

  5. Best Practices For Handling Potent APIs

    This article addresses the issue of how to overcome the industry challenge of handling highly potent APIs using advanced technologies and techniques that can provide a solution.

  6. Janssen’s Fruitful Continuous Manufacturing Collaboration

    Janssen Supply Chain’s ongoing partnership with the Rutgers University School of Engineering has produced valuable research and intelligence on continuous manufacturing processes that are enabling the pharma giant to effectively turn the concept into reality.

  7. Why I’d Rather Take A Pill Made By Continuous Manufacturing

    The pharmaceutical industry finally seems ready to embrace continuous manufacturing. Here’s why this shift will not only be good for business operations, but patients as well.

  8. What’s Really To Blame For Drug Shortages?

    Prescription drug shortages continue to plague the industry and endanger patients. Most experts suggest quality and manufacturing issues are the cause, but are other (more troubling) market dynamics at play?

  9. Facilities Management In BioPharma: Why Is It Important?

    What is taken for granted until something goes wrong; accounts for the second highest spend (after salaries) by every organization on the planet; is essentially unknown as an industry; is a mystery job function to 99 percent of the working population, and yet, is absolutely critical to the activity and well-being of every single person who works, shops, travels, commutes or lives in public spaces?

  10. WIB Profile: Sponsors And CMOs Require Production Flexibility

    Drug manufacturers today are increasingly demanding flexibility in their manufacturing processes. So who better to provide those solutions than someone who has spent her career dealing with change.