Product Inspection Products & Services

  1. Tamper Evident Pharmaceutical Checkweigher

    A high quality advanced pharmaceutical inspection solution integrating four processes in one compact system: the XS2 MV TE checkweigher and marking system combines ink jet printing and vision verification with highly accurate in-motion weighing and tamper evident sealing to ensure global traceability and assist fraud protection for highest process safety in pharmaceutical industry.

  2. Seidenader Semi-Automatic Inspection Machines

    Our semi-automated inspection machines meet the highest standards for the quality inspection of your pharmaceutical products. Ampules, cartridges and vials with liquid and lyophilised contents, as well as syringes, are inspected visually by an operator for particles and cosmetic defects, using an automatic product handling system.

  3. Seidenader Automatic Inspection Machines

    When we develop our products we have the entire service life of the machine in view: repair costs, maintenance cycles, energy consumption and the expandability of our systems. Intelligent solutions offer great potential for savings on total operating costs. Rapid amortisation of procurement costs is ensured with our machines, thanks to e.g. their high product throughput, minimisation of wearing parts, optimisation of service intervals and spare part costs as well as reduced training costs for operators and maintenance personnel.

  4. Envelope Density Analyzer: GeoPyc® 1365

    The GeoPyc employs a unique displacement measurement technique that uses Dry Flo, a quasi-fluid composed of small, rigid spheres having a high degree of flow-ability. The sample is placed in a bed of Dry Flo which is agitated and gently consolidated about the sample. The GeoPyc collects the displacement data, performs the calculations, and displays or prints the results. The unit also reports percentage porosity and specific pore volume when absolute density information (density excluding pore and small cavity volume obtained from a Micromeritics AccuPyc II pycnometer) is entered.

  5. Smart Wireless THUM™ Analyzer Advanced Diagnostics

    The Smart Wireless THUM Adapter is an easy way to unleash otherwise “stranded” advanced diagnostics, such as pH slope, reference offset, glass impedance, and reference impedance to enable you to diagnose probe condition.

  6. Advanced Dual-Input Analyzer With Continuous Measurements

    The Model 56 advanced dual-input analyzer supports continuous measurement of one or two sensor inputs. The modular design allows signal input boards to be field replaced, making configuration changes easy. The high resolution full-color display gives unsurpassed visibility and functionality for liquid analytical instrumentation.

  7. Aerosol Microleak Detection System

    Emerson's Cascade Technologies is the global leader of packaging leak detection systems for the Aerosol, Food, and Pharmaceutical industries. The Cascade CT2211 aerosol microleak detection system is the first Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) system developed for automated, in-line leak detection.

  8. Inspection Systems For Packaging With Low Headspace (Sachets, Stick Packs, Pouches) – VeriPac 410

    Multi-cavity blister packs and low head space packaging use a variety of test methods to determine package integrity, with most being destructive, subjective, and unreliable.

  9. Container Closure Integrity Testing For Sterile Water For Injection (WFI) – E-Scan 655

    HVLD Technology Referenced in USP <1207> Chapter

  10. Container Closure Integrity Testing Of Lyophilized Vials – VeriPac 455

    Vacuum Decay Technology Referenced in USP <1207> Chapter