Product Inspection White Papers & Case Studies

  1. An Introduction To Vacuum Decay Leak Testing

    Vacuum decay is a test method provides significant savings by not wasting product for a leak test, and generates return on investment in under six months for many products.

  2. Viscous Products No Match For New Container Closure Integrity Technology

    New product types and packaging configurations, such as highly viscous formulations, pose a threat to traditional leak-testing methods, challenging current practices for container closure integrity testing. 

  3. Container Closure Integrity Testing Of Intravenous Bags

    A non-invasive, non-subjective solution that is capable of detecting package leaks and invisible defects using a differential pressure transducer leak test system.

  4. Aseptic Sampling Best Practices - Endotoxin Binding Affinity

    This technical report describes a study to evaluate binding affinity of Control Standard Endotoxin (CSE) to different plastic sample collection containers.

  5. Comparison Of Helium vs. Microcurrent HVLD Leak Testing Technologies

    This study shows that HVLD can detect leaks down to the Maximum Allowable Leakage Limit (MALL) and arguably makes it one of the most sensitive leak test methods in the market.

  6. Prefilled Syringe Leak Detection With Vacuum Decay vs. HVLD Test Methods

    The study addresses the common concern that vacuum decay is not a suitable test solution for detecting microleaks in parenteral containers if the product contains large molecule or proteinaceous liquids.

  7. How Metal Detection And X-Ray Inspection Improve Quality Assurance

    This article explains how a variety of product inspection equipment on the production line increases confidence that due diligence has been taken to ensure product quality.

  8. Dual-Lane Checkweigher Meets Automation Needs For Topical And Injectable Pharma Manufacturer

    Checkweigher helps pharma manufacturer detect and reject under- and over-filled tubes to ensure final product quality and provide data to improve yields.

  9. A&Z Pharmaceutical Improves Accuracy With Checkweigher Technology

    A&Z Pharmaceutical improved their production efficiencies, selecting an unusual chute-fed checkweigher, which helps ensure final product quality, reduce labor and speed production.

  10. How To Detect 87 Percent Smaller Wire Contaminants In Manufacturing

    Metal detector sensitivity performance is usually expressed in terms of the diameter of a test sphere made from a specific type of metal, such as ferrous, non-ferrous, aluminum or stainless steel.