White Papers

  1. Reducing Total Cost Of Ownership In Media Filtration

    The production of mAb and recombinant proteins has undergone significant progress in recent decades. Higher titers and increasing cell densities present challenges to upstream and downstream groups alike.

  2. Aseptic Sampling Product Manager On PDA Technical Report No. 69

    This paper delves deeper into aseptic sampling devices to explain how they offer superior performance in the effort to control contamination.

  3. Fundamentals Of Real-Time Viable Particle Monitoring: How Does It Work?

    Real-time viable particle monitoring instruments have been available for over five years. This white paper intends to describe this technology and how it is used to detect viable particles in real-time.

  4. Avoiding The Headaches Of Asset Management In Pharma

    Repurposing idle equipment can add both hard and soft value to a company. Hard-value savings can be realized by putting good equipment back into service in another department or another site.

  5. Buying Used Pharma Equipment Can Save Time And Money

    Consolidations, competition for expensive manufacturing space, and excess capacity have led to an increase in the inventory and availability of second-hand pharma process and packaging equipment. 

  6. Industry 4.0 Connectivity Guide: Unlocking Value With Product

    This condensed version of the Industry 4.0 Guide provides an improved appreciation of Industry 4.0, guidance integrating product inspection equipment with Industry 4.0 practices and innovations.

  7. 5 Steps To Increase Energy-Efficient Mixing

    Mixer testing simulation trials are needed to confirm the suitability of a specific mixing strategy. This white paper explores five ways to increase energy efficiency in new and existing mixing processes.

  8. The Quest For Clean Mixing

    Mixing is one of the most common operations in food processing, but comes with challenges -- batch-to-batch uniformity, optimizing blend times, and most importantly: improving cleanliness.

  9. Solutions To Batch Mixing Issues

    Mixing processes vary from one application to another and there are no fix-all solutions.This white paper presents some strategies for improving commonly encountered batch mixing problems.

  10. Efficiencies In Powder Dispersion For Manufacturers

    Uniformly dispersing powders into a liquid batch in a practical amount of time is a common problem for F&B manufacturers. This white paper explores five tips for dispersing powders more efficiently.