Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging


  • Selecting The Right Contract Packaging Organization

    Because of less manufacturing in-house, tighter margins, and a need to focus on specific segments, pharma companies rely on specialized partnerships with contract packaging organizations.

  • The Emergence Of Foil Packaging In Pharma

    Foil packaging, plain and simple, is the most effective means of immediate shelf differentiation and lift in sales.  A high-end looking foil package conveys several things to the consumer: New, Better, Advanced Formula, Superior Product, High Quality, Classy.  It also suggests that the other products on the shelf are inferior in some way, of a lesser quality, value or class.  “Bling” remains King… When given the choice between two products that otherwise seem the same, consumers overwhelmingly chose the better looking and more visible package.

  • Key Considerations When Selecting A Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging Service Provider

    Choosing the right packager for your products can be a daunting task and one that should not be taken lightly. There are numerous companies that claim to be expert packagers. However, when entrusting an outsource party to serve your supply chain, it is imperative to choose a partner that has a similar culture and shares a similar vision. Additionally, one that employs values and integrity instilling these traits within their associates is invaluable. The following eight elements are a guide to selecting a qualified outsource partner.

  • Forecasting Accurately With Your Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging Organization

    Let’s face it, not all pharmaceutical drug launches are blockbusters. Even after carefully modeling the market to forecast potential sales, the underlying data used may prove to have some challenges. Many sales forecasts are based on the idea that the market can be represented as a continuous variable, but this may not be the case for a generic product whose fate may be determined by a single decision on the part of a drug wholesale company.

  • The Impact Of Patient Compliance On Pharma Manufacturers

    In fact, patient non-compliance is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, and the annual cost of non-compliance in the U.S. is estimated to be $317 billion and $125 billion in the EU.

  • Late Stage Customization For Small Lots Of Blister Packaging

    Two years ago, Elaiapharm undertook the packaging of an important new solid dose product (Cipralex, an antidepressant) to be launched across a large number of international markets. The product itself is an ODT – orally dispersible tablet – formulation packed in child resistant cold form blisters.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging Suites: Cold Chain Storage Pharmaceutical Packaging Suites: Cold Chain Storage

The management of your temperature sensitive products is important to us. That is why we provide primary packaging suites with controlled room temperatures and why we provide cold chain storage.

Contract Pharmaceutical Bottling Services Contract Pharmaceutical Bottling Services

Packaging oral solid dose medications in bottles is more than just an equipment set up, it requires the quality SOP’s and dedicated staff to make a project move agilely and compliantly. 

Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging and Over-Labeling Services Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging and Over-Labeling Services

You might have a rework project. Your product may need to be serialized. You might need special handling of your parenteral product.

Contract Packaging Of Parenteral Pharmaceuticals Contract Packaging Of Parenteral Pharmaceuticals

Pharma Packaging Solutions offers packaging services from pre-filled syringes that need to be labeled and boxed to vials that need to be cartoned. Pharma Packaging Solutions can help meet the special needs of parenteral contract packaging which usually requires delicate handling.

Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging Services Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging Services

Pharma Packaging Solutions is a turn-key contract pharmaceutical packager and folding carton company offering blister packaging, bottling, folding carton production, kitting, vial/ampule and parenteral labeling as well as repackaging.

Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging Services Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging Services

Our primary pharmaceutical packaging services include  blistering, bottling and vial/ampoule labeling.

Contract Packaging Services For Government And Institutions:  Drug , Solid Dose Pharmaceuticals Contract Packaging Services For Government And Institutions: Drug , Solid Dose Pharmaceuticals

Pharma Packaging Solutions is registered in the SAM system and can help you manage any kitting or repackaging request. 

Hospital Unit Dose Packaging Hospital Unit Dose Packaging

For medication dispensing at the patient bedside, Pharma Packaging Solutions can help you deliver blister pack or bottle solution.

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