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  • The Importance Of Solid Fraction Data In Roller Compaction Operations
    The Importance Of Solid Fraction Data In Roller Compaction Operations

    Roller compaction is a continuous dry granulation process to increase the bulk density and uniformity of powders into free flowing granules used in downstream manufacturing operations. It is a complex procedure due to the diversity of available powder blends and the control and adjustment parameters involved in the process. In pharmaceutical operations, the Roller Compaction process has significant effect on particle size distribution, porosity, flowability in downstream operations, homogeneity, compactability and compressibility of the API, additives/ excipients. These factors influence dissolution profiles, disintegration time, and hardness of the produced solid dosage form.

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Pharmaceutical Double Cone Blender Equipment Pharmaceutical Double Cone Blender Equipment

Double Cone Blender is an efficient and versatile machine for mixing of dry powders and granules homogeneously. All the contact parts are made of stainless steel.

Pharmaceutical Ribbon Blender Pharmaceutical Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender is a light duty blender maily used for easy to mix powder components which are pre-processed like dried granules, pre-sieved powders etc. It is a LOW SHEAR mixer and mostly used for SOLID / SOLID Mixing.

Pharmaceutical Intermediate Bulk Containers Or Bins Pharmaceutical Intermediate Bulk Containers Or Bins

Circular Conical Hermetically sealed IPC (inter – mediate product container) for easy movement of R.M. / products in the process area, with an ergonomically designed handles for easy movement and an angle of response of 600 for easy flow ability of material. P.U. wheels and an inside / outside surface finish of < 0.3 Ra.

Pharmaceutical Fluid Bed Dryer Equipment Pharmaceutical Fluid Bed Dryer Equipment

Tapasya FBDs are the state of the art drying units comparable to any internationally made FBDs, with all the features available. Our FBDs are built with a working pressure of 3.0 Bar at 800c.

Pharmaceutical Clean In Place Skid Pharmaceutical Clean In Place Skid

Clean-in-place (CIP) / Wash-in-place (WIP) technology offers reliable cleaning of process equipment and piping with fully-automated, State-of-art’ technology. The CIP / WIP system is designed to achieve efficient circulation of cleaning medium such as purified water, hot water, detergent solution with special provision of sanitization to emphasize purity.

Pharmaceutical V Blender: Conta Pharmaceutical V Blender: Conta

Conta Blending system has replaced completely the conventional blenders like ‘V’ shape / Double cone or Ribbon type. It is a latest cGMP concept with an emphasis on the dust free transfer of powders and granules at different stages from sizing / dispensing to compression / filing of Tablets or Capsules.

Pharmaceutical Mixer Granulator: Saizoner Pharmaceutical Mixer Granulator: Saizoner

SAIZONER Mixer Granulator is designed to meet special needs of tablet manufacturing technology. This is achieved by reduced processing time, more homogeneous mixing, uniformity of Granule size and above all maintaining improved hygiene compliant to cGMP norms.

Pharmaceutical Bin Washer Pharmaceutical Bin Washer

The Bin Washing System comes as a stand-alone or a completely integrated system designed to clean all sizes of IBC’s with minimum human intervention. The system is specifically designed for Cleaning & Drying the Bins in a pre-validated manner and comes with an efficient telescopic arm enabled spray nozzle for cleaning the internals of the Bins and multiple nozzles for external cleaning.

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