Harvestainer Microcarrier Separation System

Harvestainer Microcarrier Separation System

Self-contained, single-use solutions for harvesting and separating microcarrier cell culture
We leverage our experience in single-use design and engineering to establish innovative technologies for use in adherent cell culture production processes. The Thermo Scientific™ Harvestainer™ BioProcess Container (BPC) is a is a closed, single-use microcarrier separation system that helps increase product yields compared to traditional methods, while reducing clean-in-place and steam-in-place requirements and water for injection usage.

Using the Harvestainer microcarrier separation system helps ensure full containment of the cell culture supernatant in a closed, single-use system for operator safety. Additionally, the advanced design of this system reduces holdup volumes to increase recovery effi ciencies for more product with less effort. Simple post-use disposal reduces cleaning costs and process cycle times.

Well characterized and customizable
The Harvestainer mircocarrier separation system is constructed of Thermo Scientific™ CX5-14 film, which is a 5-layer, 14 mil cast film produced in a cGMP facility. The outer layer is a polyester elastomer coextruded with an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) barrier layer and a low-density polyethylene product contact layer. CX5-14 film is manufactured using animal origin–free components. Like all of our BioProcess Containers, the Harvestainer system is scalable and can be customized to readily integrate with existing equipment. It is designed to maximize product recovery and is built to the same quality standards found in all Thermo Scientific™ single-use products.

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