Newsletter | February 9, 2024

02.09.24 -- Primary Packaging & Containment Service Providers & Suppliers

Alba: A Breakthrough Solution For Biologics

Discover a solution capable of addressing the development of sensitive biologics, such as highly concentrated drugs prone to silicone aggression and ophthalmic drugs.

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Stevanato Group

BD Pharmaceutical Services And Solutions

Designed to help you achieve your combination product goals, from development to launch. No matter where you are in combination product development, BD can help you reach your goals.

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BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems

Flow Sciences Containment Solutions

Whether in powder manipulation where balance stability is paramount, or using specific manufacturer equipment needing containment, or operating in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, keep your personnel and product safe.

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Flow Sciences Inc.

BF/RASR Pharmaceutical IV Bags Forming And Filling

The BF machines are designed for the sterile forming of IV bags of various capacities and materials. The RASR machines are designed to process preformed IV bags of various capacities and materials (PVC, PE, PP).

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DecFill Aseptic Filling Line: Modular And Flexible Solutions

DecFill semi- to fully automated filling lines can be optimized for different speeds and containers such as vials, cartridges, syringes and double chamber systems.

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Dec Group

BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group Vial Filling, Labeling, And Inspection Line

SKU: 4427-1. Location: United Kingdom. This unused 2021 BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group (BATG) vial filling line includes inspection and labeling as well as change parts for vials.

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Federal Equipment Company

Robotic Filling Systems For Drug Manufacturing

An advanced aseptic processing system that fully automates cGMP processing of sterile injectable products, ASEPTiCell can adapt to your requirements to automatically process ready-to-fill vials, syringes, and cartridges with simple change parts.

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Primary Drug Containers

The use of cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) allows for much greater design flexibility, and the creation of more robust containers, whilst also allowing us to remove materials that could potentially interact with the drug.

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SMC Ltd.

Valor Glass: The Future Of Glass Packaging Is Here

West is the exclusive distributor of Corning Valor Glass, the first and only fundamentally new glass composition approved by the FDA for use as a primary package for an approved drug product since the advent of conventional borosilicate glass.

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West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Rotary Filler For Clinical And Early-Stage Pharma Production

Discover a rotary filler for clinical and early-stage pharma production, specialized for fill-finish advanced aseptic manufacturing for pharmaceutical and biologics injectables and designed to be used in an isolator.

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ATS Life Sciences Scientific Products

ASEP-TECH Model 628 Blow/Fill/Seal Packaging System

Advanced technology. All electric servo motor controlled motions. Lower, stepped-base design for easy maintenance and changeover. Compatible with existing Model 624 tooling.

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Weiler Engineering, Inc.