Newsletter | May 31, 2023

05.31.23 -- Solutions For Pharmaceutical Product Inspection

Automated CCI Testing With MicroCurrent HVLD Technology

Discover PTI’s E-Scan RTX, a fully automated CCI inspection system for pre-filled syringes that utilizes a revolutionary deterministic technology, MicroCurrent HVLD.

Tablet Tooling Solutions

Explore a variety of tablet tooling products and services from Wilson Tool International, powered by nearly 60 years of expertise.

360 Degree Vision Inspection System For Pharmaceutical Bottles: CAPQ

Identify defects and reduce false-rejects of bottled products with the 360° vision inspection capabilities of the CAPQ System, an AI deep learning vision inspection system.

Vision Robot Unit: Driving Pharma Innovation

Vision Robot Unit: driving pharma innovation

Learn about the Vision Robot Unit (VRU), a new generation inspection machine with world-class performance to position the pharma industry for future growth.

Seal Integrity Test System: Blisters, Vials, Bottles

Perform optical emission spectroscopy, an innovative CCIT solution for the pharmaceutical industry, on blister packs, glass vials, and plastic bottles with the AMI 1000.

Pharmaceutical Serialization Systems

Traceable Quality is Wipotec’s answer to the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry. Ensure safe production with the TQS (Traceable Quality System) Track & Trace solution.

Building Management Systems For Pharma

Discover the Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB), a validated building management system for pharma production that integrates process control and environmental management.

Liquid Particle Counter For USP 788: APSS-2000 Datasheet

The APSS-2000 syringe sampling system sizes and counts suspended particulate matter in a wide range of liquids. Explore product features, applications, and more.

Pharmaceutical Container Closure Integrity Testing Systems To Meet EU Annex 1 Requirements

The revised EU Annex 1 contains new requirements for ensuring the CCI of sterile pharmaceutical products, causing companies to reassess their CCI policies for compliance.