Thermo Scientific Labtainer Pro BioProcess Container (BPC)

Labtainer Pro BPC Main 450x300

As technology and innovation advance within the bioprocessing industry, single-use technologies have also made considerable progress in the drug and vaccine manufacturing space. The innovative concept of the Thermo Scientific™Labtainer™ Pro BioProcess Container (BPC) provides flexibility and assurance—without compromise.

Some of the well-established and well-known advantages of single-use systems are lowered costs, reduced contamination risks, decreased facility footprint, increased flexibility, and production throughput efficiency with less cleanup; all resulting in quicker turnaround and increased production capabilities.

Key advantages

Bioprocessing requirements differ depending on the applications and processes used within a workflow. Products selected should complement these requirements. The Labtainer Pro BPC was developed to meet a variety of workflow needs. Its 2D style provides enhanced quality, reliability, and ease of use in sizes ranging from 50 mL to 20 L.