Cleaning, Sterilization & Bio Decontamination White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Improving Uptime In Aseptic Processing Of Pharmaceutical Liquids

    Maximized uptime, minimized changeover time, and efficient OEE are key factors that have influenced the acceptance of aseptic blow-fill-seal in the packaging of pharmaceutical liquids.

  2. Aseptic Blow-Fill-Seal Technology vs. Traditional Aseptic Processing

    BFS technology has been gaining increasing worldwide acceptance in the parenteral drug marketplace, replacing traditional glass vial processing in a growing number of applications.

  3. Aseptic Blow-Fill-Seal: A Sustainable Process For Packaging Pharma Liquids

    Aseptic blow-fill-seal systems for packaging pharmaceutical liquids incorporate materials and process that provide critical advantages for sustainable initiatives.

  4. Mixing Technologies In The Pharmaceutical And Medical Industries

    Mixing equipment employed in the production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices deal with a higher level of complexity because their use is more specialized. Not one design fits all.

  5. Maximizing Contamination Control With Vacuum Technology

    For the 50 or so years that cleanrooms have been in use, a steady debate has centered on the best ways to keep them clean, and regulatory and advisory agencies have weighed in on maintenance.

  6. Isolator Advantages in Cell Therapy Production

    Cell and gene therapies are currently produced in fixed facilities that require a significant upfront investment. Modular concepts offer an opportunity to shift from these large, fixed assets.

  7. Blow-Fill-Seal For Biologics: Breaking Through In Pharma Packaging

    As the industry continues its move toward biologics, innovative solutions and technologies will be needed to ensure a safe and reliable approach to the manufacturing and delivery of these drugs. 

  8. High-Potency Containment For Polypeptide Vaccine Manufacturing

    The team at Polypeptide Labs' overall project aim was to achieve homogenization (blending/tumbling) of potent lyophilized polypeptide product offloaded from a separate isolator.

  9. Optimize Your Critical Cleaning Process And Ensure Results

    Getting the best results from any cleaner requires proper mixing and cleaning procedures. This article includes mixing directions for aqueous cleaning detergent and methods for monitoring performance.

  10. Cleaning Validation For Medical Device Manufacturing

    Cleaning validation or verification is a necessary regulatory compliance step in medical device manufacturing and reprocessing. Support from the cleaner manufacturer can save time and money.