Cleaning, Sterilization & Bio Decontamination Products & Services

  1. Modular Cleanroom: Cabins, Curtains, Air Showers

    M+W Automations provides modular cleanroom systems and products for biotechnology, biogenetic engineering and pharmaceutical industry.

  2. Laboratory Particle Weighing Solutions

    M+W Automation provides a unique, broad product range with the appropriate technical climate-controlled environment for the greatest possible weighing precision.

  3. Cleanroom Filter Fan System

    Our tailor-made OEM accessories include prefilter, AMC-filter, cooling / heating coils and testing equipment. Whether in stainless steel, aluminum or powder-coated, Filter Fan Units from M+W Products are the right choice for your application.

  4. Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

    Since all the parts used in our ceiling systems were designed to perfectly match one another, they are suitable for a wide variety of applications, the modular system from M+W Products is customized to fit your needs.

  5. Rapid Transfer Systems: RTS

    Our Rapid Transfer Systems enable the fast, simple and secure transfer of sterile or hazardous process materials in and out of a containment unit.

  6. Process Instrumentation Systems & Sensors

    Using the latest technologies, Anton Paar GmbH is a renowned producer of a variety of high-quality, high performance instruments and a contract manufacturer of high-precision parts and system components. Anton Paar’s process instrumentation gained a great reputation for their quality, reliability and accuracy. They are used throughout the world in highly demanding applications and even in hazardous areas.  The process instrumentation systems and sensors have optimal standard solutions configured for many applications, flexible and adaptable to suit individual requirements.

  7. Automatic Sample Changer: ASC

    Whenever a large number of samples need to be measured or great emphasis is placed on the reproducibility of results, the Automatic Sample Changer (ASC) is the perfect choice.

  8. High-Throughput Rheometer: HTR

    Anton Paar’s High Throughput Rheometer sounds like the future – because it is. And it is here to stay: Designed to
    withstand the demands of continuous operation, it will still be in perfect condition long after your investment has paid off.

  9. Pharmaceutical Glove Inspection And Testing System

    Pharmaceutical Glove inspection and testing continues to be a necessary regulatory requirement. Bosch’s GloveFIT system is a fully integrated and automated way to test glove and sleeve integrity.

  10. Drug Product Development

    AMRI SMARTSOURCING™ provides state-of-the-art facilities and capabilities to deliver integrated pharmaceutical drug development programs through clinical to commercial.