Cleaning, Sterilization & Bio Decontamination Products & Services

  1. Pharma Personal Entry Systems for Cleanroom and Aseptic Areas

    Isolation Systems, Inc. Designs, Engineers and Manufactures a complete line of Personnel, Entry and Egress Systems specifically engineered for Clean Room and Aseptic area control. All systems are modular in design and construction, making them highly adaptable and easily customized.

  2. Pharmaceutical Sterilization and Depyrogenation Tunnels

    A uniquely simple, yet effective, method of loading pharmaceutical vials into the depyrogenation tunnel. 

  3. Hydrogen Vapor Peroxide Bio-Decontamination Equipment

    The Bioquell Q-10 is a hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) bio-decontamination system which can be used to bio-decontaminate rooms, laboratories and hospital wards/units in a non-regulated environment.

  4. Pharmaceutical Washing And Drying Equipment

    Sanitize and dry containers or other process equipment including bins, drums, fluid bed drier bowls, down spouts, pallets and other parts with repeatable and validatable cleaning systems, designed to meet your specific cleaning requirements.

  5. Sterility Testing Isolator With Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor

    This innovative design provides real time biocide concentration control (over traditional estimated calculations) and is  managed by the very same Thema4 which is today’s reference standard for all contamination control machines where process failure is not an option.

  6. Reliance 480PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer

    The Reliance 480PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer is an advanced high-performance system This new washer is designed to help STERIS pharmaceutical customers better address their specific automated washing needs.

  7. Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination Chambers

    One of the most critical processes in a sterile production is the transfer of heat-sensitive materials in a cleanroom , Fedegari has introduced FCDV , units of bio- chemical decontamination for surfaces "cold" : it is a pass-box designed to allow materials not autoclavable access to a sterile environment.

  8. Custom Pharmaceutical Sterilizers

    This category includes plants or parts of plants designed for niche applications, where “standard” machines are no longer sufficient.

  9. Pharmaceutical Elastomeric Closures

    Elastomeric Closures are manually loaded into the rotating drum.

  10. Hydrogen Peroxide Low-Temperature Bio Decontamination Equipment

    The pass-through hatches of the FCDV and FCDM low temperature bio decontamination equipment is the latest development of all the process equipment manufactured by Fedegari. These machines are designed for transferring non-autoclavable material into a clean room with a rapid and validatable surface bio-decontamination process.