Cleaning, Sterilization & Bio Decontamination Products & Services

  1. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Containment Solutions

    Complete containment solutions based around an innovative range of Downflow Containment Booths bring different features and benefits to your application. But all have one thing in common: they provide a Guaranteed Working Environment.

  2. Mobile Clean Room Solutions

    Extract Technology's self-contained, ready-to-use design provides functional clean room space wherever and whenever it's needed. Whether the need is to expand manufacturing, R&D or processing capacity at an existing facility, a remote location, or around the globe, the company's MCRs can be transported and fully operational more rapidly than other clean room options.

  3. Isolators For Aseptic Manufacturing

    Extract Technology aseptic isolators are designed to allow operators to perform aseptic processes in a sterile environment providing assurance of process integrity.

  4. Nilfisk T Plus Series Industrial Vacuum

    The Nilfisk T26 Plus industrial vacuum cleaner is the ultimate workhorse. It quickly removes dirt, debris, and liquids.

  5. Laboratory Glassware Reprocessing

    The new PG 8536 reaches new levels in glassware reprocessing benchmarks in terms of performance safety and economy. With enhanced features such as more programs and inserts, separate modules for water treatment, delivery of chemicals and process documentation, this washer contributes towards achieving the perfect and systematic solution tailored for specific needs.

  6. Laboratory Under-Counter Glassware Washer: PG8535

    In general, the more critical the research, the more likely a laboratory will employ an automated washing process. Today more regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical, biotech, testing and forensics labs are requiring a paper trail which provides proof of accuracy with their washing processes. A validated washer combined with Standard Operating Procedures provides a more consistent, traceable result than hand washing.

  7. Bosch Biodecontamination System: SafeVAP

    Simple means reliable. Reliability in the pharmaceutical industry is a “must”. When it comes to filling lines, isolators offer tangible advantages over traditional aseptic processing – but a reliable biodecontamination cycle for the inside of the isolator is imperative. Additionally, the cycle time has to be short to guarantee economic success of the filling line.

  8. Pharmaceutical Sterilization Of Liquids - SWS

    The sterilizer, type SWS, is designed to sterilize liquids in 100% sealed containers using a hot water shower process. The advantage of this process is a fast cycle time with reduced cooling periods especially for temperature sensitive liquid loads. To avoid deformation or break of the product after sterilization, the sterilizer is working with a support pressure. This pressure can be set individually for each product or calculated in relation to the pressure inside the load container.

  9. Pharmaceutical Sterilizers – SDR

    The sterilizer type SDR, is designed to sterilize liquids in open, semi sealed or 100% closed containers according to the steam-air mixture process.

  10. Pharmaceutical Class 100 Cleanroom Luminaries

    The Isolation Systems, Inc. line of clean room luminaires have been designed to totally eliminate particulate and vapor migration into class 100 clean areas. Designed specifically for installation into ceiling grid systems. The lower lens frame door mounts from below. The door frame is fully welded and gasketed. When installed onto the upper light box, it creates a clamping surface completely around the peripheral edge of fixture. This provides a double-gasket seal of the fixture into your ceiling system, creating an impenetrable barrier against microscopic particulate infiltration. The aerodynamically designed door frames of these luminaires reduce air flow disruption to the barest minimum. Constructed of 20 gauge CRS and coated with white polyurethane over a bonderized surface, our lighting installations will provide durability and long lasting aesthetic appeal. The extensive options offered will custom suit any requirements. This product has been manufactured to the highest quality standards, and we assure your satisfaction.