Containment & Isolation Products & Services

  1. Flexible Containment Isolators

    Flexible Containment Isolators provide containment standards better than can be achieved with Downflow Booth technology, and often compare favorably with a Rigid Isolator system.

  2. Downflow Containment Booths & Glassware Booths

    Downflow Containment Booths are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry to safeguard operators against harmful dusts generated during many manual powder handling operations. Clean air from the ceiling plenum is distributed evenly across the whole of the work area pushing any respirable dust downwards and away from the operators breathing zone.

  3. Pharmaceutical Isolators For Filling Applications

    Isolator systems are becoming increasingly important to the pharmaceutical industry. The improvement in product quality, the reduction of operating costs and the capability of longer production runs are significant advantages in comparison to conventional clean room production.

  4. Lab Automation Enclosure

    Isolation Systems, Inc. line of Laboratory Automation Enclosures offers highly versatile enclosure system design alternatives to our customers and are manufactured to their exact specifications.

  5. Used Global Pharma Glovebox Isolator

    One (1) used Global isolator, 316L stainless steel product contact surfaces, 304 stainless steel non contacts surfaces, 24" deep x 30" high x 72" long chamber, single sided with (4) glove ports, hinged front, 16" x 20" x 22" long anti chamber, .5 hp blower, on base with Allen Bradley SLC5 plc controls, 110 volt, serial# GCS-906, built 2006.

  6. Used Howorth Pharma Glovebox Isolator

    One (1) used Howorth isolator, stainless steel construction, single sided, (4) glove main chamber with shelving, approximately 72" long x 42" deep x 32" high chamber with anti chamber with (2) glove ports, approximately 36" long x 20" deep x 21" high, with bottom mounted drum filling section with (2) glove ports for approximately 22" diameter x 31" high drum with pneumatic lift cyclinders, WIP feature in anti chamber and drum filling chamber, on base with controls, xp design rated class 1, div 1, group C & D, serial# 04180, new 2006.

  7. Used Long Powder Systems Dispencell Glovebox Isolator

    One (1) used Powder Systems LTD Dispencell with sampling isolator, stainless steel construction, single sided, approximately 87" long chamber, 15" x 15" x 21" long anti chamber with single glove, (5) gloves in top section, independent bottom dispensing sections each with (2) gloves, contract# C37150, built 2002.

  8. Pharmaceutical Advanced Barrier Systems for Solid Dose Applications

    The requirements concerning the safety of machine operators are a key issue in this day and age. The “Advanced Barrier System” (ABS)” is a safety concept that serves the operator and the product. It is used for the safe processing and filling of highly active and toxic products. In addition, it offers a safety level that can be validated, and it prevents the uncontrolled spreading of dangerous substances.

  9. Used Howorth Pharmaceutical Glovebox Isolator

    One (1) used 78" Howorth isolator, 316L stainless steel constructin, single sided, 78" long x 24" deep x 33" high chamber, (4) gloves, bottom discharge with weigh station, xp rated, class 1, div 1, group d on stand with controls, serial# 1000-GA-4370.

  10. Used ILC Dover Softwall Flexible Isolator

    One (1) used Dover soft wall isolator, approximately 36" wide x 24" deep x 33" high, single sided with (2) glove ports, 12" and 8" end ports with stainless steel frame.