Material Handling Products & Services

  1. Blister Packaging Equipment For Liquid And Solid Dose Manufacturing

    Pentapack advanced unit dose pharmaceutical blister packaging systems offer the unique capability to package both solid and liquid dose medications with one machine. Medications are clearly identified with bar code labeling software and high resolution label printing. 

  2. Powder Recovery Cyclones

    Using a cyclone on the extraction line facilitates interception of this powder before it ever leaves the process room, enabling high integrity batch reconciliation and minimizing filter replacement.

  3. Capsule Conveying Without Product Contamination

    The 9505 stainless steel pneumatic conveyor is designed for the transfer of empty 00-5 sized capsules. Capsules are emptied into a collection container and dispensed at an adjustable rate into a capsule-filling machine. This unique conveyor uses air power to push the capsules through rigid sanitary piping into a hopper above the capsule-filling machine without damaging the capsules. The Nilfisk product conveying process takes place in perfect hygienic conditions, respecting both the environment and the operators’ health.

  4. Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying Without Product Segregation

    Pneumatic conveyors move powder and granules from sacks, big bags or other containers to the required location in selected quantities and within the desired time. The Nilfisk product conveying process takes place in perfect hygienic conditions, respecting both the environment and the operators’ health.

  5. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing For Commercial Drug Product

    With Metrics Contract Services’ extensive capabilities, you can keep your drug product development, clinical trial materials and commercial manufacturing all under one roof. From teacup-size batches and up, Metrics Contract Services provides high quality drug product contract manufacturing for both clinical trial materials and commercialization.

  6. Pharmaceutical Homogenizer

    The homogenizer is working as a particles size reducer for particles in suspension in a liquid and to calibrate their size at a defined value.

  7. Pharmaceutical Sampling Valves

    A manual or automatic sampling valve can be adapted at the hopper or container powder outlet with a standard containment or bottle system.

  8. Pharma Pneumatic Conveyor for Powders or Granules

    The pneumatic POSITIVE pressure conveying (or PRESSURE conveying) is dedicated  to the transfer of larger quantities of powder or granulates under following conditions:

  9. Pharma Negative Pressure Conveyor for Powders

    The negative pressure conveying is dedicated to small quantity of powder or granulates when:

  10. Multicomponent Dosing System

    The mixer is loaded with the individual raw materials exactly according to the formulation. The combination of Dosicon®  weighing equipment with suction conveying units fulfils this task. Fundamental advanrages of JetSolutions automatic multi-component dosing are high dosing accuracy (for quantities ranging from a few hundred grams to several hundred kilos), the prevention of cross-contamination risks, and freedom from dust.