Production Featured Articles

  1. 4 Ways To Prevent Manufacture And Distribution Of Substandard Medications

    If a legitimate product is not manufactured according to quality standards or becomes degraded as it travels through its supply chain, it can be ineffective at best or deadly at worst. 

  2. Evolution Of Single-Use Bioprocessing Into BioPharm 4.0

    Biopharma manufacturers seek dynamic processing economics that address the paradigm shift from blockbuster drugs with established production schemes to small-scale manufacturing and innovative tech.

  3. Performance Monitoring Of Heat Exchangers

    When a heat exchanger generates little heat loss, it seems the device is working efficiently. A closer look shows the performance evaluation of heat exchangers is not quite such a simplistic matter.

  4. Project Management Of Starch Processing

    This Q&A with Heikki Pirilä, a 30-year veteran of starch processing, discusses all phases of starch processing from design, management, supervision, procurement, maintenance, and future trends.

  5. Lean Manufacturing Is Back

    Lean Manufacturing holds the potential to optimize processes and to add considerable value and competitive advantages. Continue reading to learn how Lean Manufacturing can benefit your business.

  6. Industry 4.0 Connects Machines And Data

    By applying remote monitoring, advanced modeling, and optimization of manufacturing processes, Industry 4.0 offers process reliability and product quality through connecting machines and data.

  7. The Pharma Trends You Need To Know: A CDMO’s Perspective

    Companies must understand how today’s new pharmaceutical landscape is causing a dramatic shift in how we plan for and execute drug development and manufacturing.

  8. Equipping A Flexible Facility: Find The Balance Between Cost And Innovation

    An overview of the trend of multiproduct and flexible facilities, defining the different types of facilities, and how working with a partner is a strategic move for any company.

  9. Meeting The Changing Demands For Sterile-Fill Finish Operations

    Meeting the growing demand for fill-finish services requires specialized expertise, appropriate equipment and innovations in both emerging technology and business models.

  10. Transforming With An Equipment Partner: Preparing The Industry For Serialization

    Factors to consider as your organization works to conform to the serialization guidelines.