Tablet Manufacturing Training For The Pharmaceutical And Nutraceutical Manufacturers

Fed Equip Classroom

Master the art of tablet manufacturing with our comprehensive hands-on seminar, designed to equip you with in-depth knowledge and skills required for pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing. This two and a half-day course covers essential topics such as tablet press setup, powder preparation, formulation, excipients, API, direct compression, wet granulation, dry granulation, tablet press operation, compaction, lubricants, and quality control.

Ideal for managers, supervisors, operators, tech services, R&D, QA/QC, maintenance professionals, and newcomers to the pharmaceutical industry, our Tablet Making course provides powerful tools that can be immediately applied in a tablet manufacturing environment.

Featuring hands-on workshops, participants will learn tablet press set-up, operation, defect resolution, compression tooling inspection and care, the process of preparing powders, binders, and active ingredients for manufacturing.


  • Tablet Compression Principles
  • Tooling Inspection and Care
  • API and Excipients
  • Tablet Press Set-Up Assembly and Disassembly, Operation, Press Cleaning and Care
  • Wet Granulation, Dry Granulation, and Direct Compression
  • Troubleshooting, Solving Common Defects, Summary, Q&A
  • Monitoring Tableting Process Parameters of Weight, Thickness, Hardness, Friability, and Disintegration

Course Information:

Each participant will receive a detailed course manual and personalized training certificate upon completion.

Discover the methodology and mindset required to adapt to our evolving pharmaceutical industry. Gain practical knowledge of typical unit operations and the common terminology and how they affect the quality of the final product. By the end of the course, participants will be able to evaluate the interactions between formulations and process equipment, distinguish between various manufacturing processes, and confidently navigate pharmaceutical facilities to understand equipment and production pathways.

This program serves as an excellent platform for in-house training, unifying different departments, and providing an engaging and informative experience for both seasoned pharmaceutical industry professionals and newcomers. Experience the most enjoyable and educational seminar in the tablet manufacturing industry.