Charles Ross app notes

  1. Recommended Mixing Equipment For Ophthalmic Preparations

    In the processing of ophthalmic solutions, high-shear mixers are utilized for dissolving salts as well as dispersing viscosity enhancers, antioxidants and other additives.

  2. Recommended Mixing Equipment For Tablet Coatings

    Designed for high-speed powder dispersion, the Ross Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold Mixer is well proven in the preparation of tablet coatings. 

  3. Recommended Mixing Equipment For Pharmaceutical Gels

    A majority of pharmaceutical gels are shear-thinning semisolids prepared by dispersing hydrophilic polymers into an aqueous vehicle. Proper mixing requires a good balance between agitation and shear.

  4. Recommended Blending Equipment For Nutraceuticals

    Dry blending is an indispensable operation in the manufacture of multivitamins, sports supplements, herbal extracts, meal-replacements, green food powders and other nutraceutical products.

  5. Blending And Drying High-Density Powders

    For years, blending dense slurries has been a job for the traditional vacuum dryer with a rotating vessel. Today, processors are finding a different blender/dryer can handle the heaviest of materials more easily.

  6. Guard Against Product Migration In Your Ribbon Blender

    This application note offers tips for efficiently containing powders in a ribbon blender to ensure operator safety, prevent cross-contamination and promote easy clean up.

  7. Recommended Mixing Equipment For Medical Adhesives

    The growing demand for prescription and over-the-counter transdermal products encompasses a wide range of uses and conditions, from motion sickness and smoking cessation, to hormone replacements and pain management.

  8. Advantages Of Preparing Wet Granulations In A Planetary Mixer

    Planetary mixers are ideal for wet granulation processes. Advantages include "one-pot" processing, high uniformity and yield, predictable performance, and ease of cleaning.

  9. Double Planetary Mixers Are Ideal For Low Shear Processing Of Viscous Materials

    Viscous products possessing shear-sensitive behavior, fragile components or abrasive properties require gentle but thorough mixing.

  10. Ribbon Blenders Are Ideal For Coating And Mixing Processes

    Solid-solid mixing sometimes involves powders that need to be uniformly coated with smaller particles of a different component. The ingredient that is coated onto the bulk material is typically a very small percentage of the batch, thus requiring thorough and uniform blending.