Pharmaceutical Products

  1. Mobility Particle Sizer Spectrometer 3091

    The Fast Mobility Particle Sizer 3091 (FMPS™) spectrometer measures particles in the range from 5.6 to 560 nm, offering a total of 32 channels of resolution (16 channels per decade). It uses an electrical mobility measurement technique similar to that used in our SMPS.

  2. Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer Spectrometer 3090

    In addition to an extensive line of precision measurement solutions, TSI offers an array of additional resources that will further expand your knowledge of our instrumentation as well as the diverse range of applications in which they are applied.

  3. Nuclear Glovebox

    Many of our nuclear glovebox projects are design – build projects which involve process and machine integration. In fact many times you will here Walker Barrier Systems ask, “Teach me your process; I have to know what you are trying to do inside your glovebox”. Some of design services we offer:

  4. Cleanroom Classification & Monitoring

    Whether you periodically certify your clean areas, continuously monitor them, or both, a TSI cleanroom particle counter help you simplify your task, while staying in compliance and control. TSI products are specifically designed to meet the rigid requirements for Life Science and Electronics applications.

  5. Cleanroom Particle Counters

    TSI provides a number of solutions for cleanroom applications, helping customers ensure regulatory compliance, enhance safety of products, and improve quality. Key products include BioTrak Viable Real-Time Particle Counters, AeroTrak Airborne Particle Counters and FMS Facility Monitoring Software. 

  6. Personal Exposure Monitoring

    Protection from exposure to hazardous materials is a crucial component in terms of worker safety. As the priority of occupational health concerns rises in nanotechnology manufacturing, personal exposure monitoring and assessment of engineered nanoparticles are becoming increasingly important.

  7. Pharmaceutical Air Quality Monitoring

    Countries across the globe have unique pharmaceutical air quality monitoring regulations to characterize local air pollution. The goal of this air quality monitoring is to protect humans and the environment from harmful air pollution.

  8. Laboratory Single Pump Filler

    The Bosch Packaging Technology UNO is a tabletop, single pump filler designed for laboratory use.

  9. Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging Services: Capacity

    Hard work is just part of the Ropack Pharma Solutions ethos, and we prove it daily through our output: high-capacity turnover that does not compromise our quality or excellence. We provide ample capacity and bring agility, efficiency and gold-standard technology to the manufacturing and packaging of solid oral dosage forms for clinical and commercial pharmaceutical applications and commercial nutraceuticals.

  10. 1066 Liquid Analytical Transmitter

    This loop-powered analytical unit serves industrial, commercial and municipal applications with the widest range of liquid measurement inputs available for a two-wire liquid transmitter.