Pharmaceutical Products

  1. Color Blister Inspection

    High-performance color camera for filling control: high recognition capability, and suited to a wide range of products, foils and blister machines.

  2. V-Blenders

    V-Blenders designs are most often used for the intimate dry blending of free flowing solids. The solids being blended in these units can vary in bulk density and in percentage of the total mixture. Materials being blended are constantly being split and intermixed as the shell rotates.

  3. Market Research Report: Small Molecule Drug Product Contract Manufacturer Quality Benchmarking

    This market research report has been designed to help biopharmaceutical companies make more informed decisions when selecting a CMO for small molecule drug product contract manufacturing, and to help CMOs optimize their operational and marketing strategies. The data comes from 173 respondents who have had over 600 service encounters related to drug product projects in the past 18 months.

  4. Cleanroom Air Scrubber

    NuAire Mobile Air Scrubbers are portable self-contained units capable of filtering particulates where ISO class 7 or 8 air quality is a requirement. Cabinets utilize rough disposable pre-filters to help prolong the life cycle of the main 99.99% HEPA filter. Each scrubber can be used in a variety of different locations, depending upon the need for clean air.

  5. Nilfisk IVT 1000 CR Pharmaceutical Vacuum
    IVT 1000CR Cleanroom Vacuum – Featuring Optional Safe-Pak Container Our new line of cleanroom vacuums features everything our customers asked for in a cleanroom vacuum…and more. From the multistage filtration system to the standard stainless steel design to the quiet 61 dB(A) noise level, the next level of cleanroom vacuum is here.
  6. Horizontal Stainless Storage Tanks

    Walker’s round horizontal stainless steel storage tanks offer the dairy, beverage and food industries all the holding capacity required – in single or multiple-unit installations.

  7. Manual-Visual Inspection: Pre-Filled Syringes, Vials, Ampoules & Cartridges

    Floor-standing workstation for manual-visual inspection of pre-filled syringes, vials, ampoules and cartridges.

  8. Bosch Vial Inspection Equipment; 2 - 125 L

    The AIM 8 V inspection machine for sealed vials from 2 to 125 ml, up to 54.5 mm in diameter and 230 mm in height, detects particulates in liquids and cosmetic container defects at ranges up to 600 per minute

  9. Container Closure Integrity Testing Of Prefilled Syringes

    The E-Scan 655 is a revolutionary, deterministic offline microleak testing instrument that utilizes a new class of HVLD technology to inspect vials, syringes, and other liquid-filled parenteral products for container closure integrity.

  10. Pharmaceutical Vertical Stick Packaging Equipment - Sigpack RA-KG4

    The Sigpack RA/KG4 Stickpack System will help you to have a long-lasting success. The system consists of a primary packaging, a transport and grouping module and a secondary packaging. This integrated solutions afford highest output on smallest space.