Pharmaceutical Products

  1. 8 Quart P-K Twin Shell Blender, S/S, Liquid Bar

    One (1) used 8 quart Patterson Kelley Blendmaster twin shell blender, stainless steel construction, rated 140# max material density, liquid solid bar with drive, plastic enclosure with main drive, serial# C313410.

  2. Weiler Single Sided Labeler, Model ILRFID-1000L

    One (1) Unused Weiler single sided RFID labeler, model ILRFID-1000L, single sided, designed for square 60, 100 and 200 cc bottles, applied approx. 1" x 1" RFID label, with Weiler standard drum label head, vacuum drum applicator with label reject station, top trap conveyor with rectifier, Lasetech Laser coder, servo motors with controls, rated up to 300 BPM, serial# 13162, new in 2009 and Unused.

  3. MB-12 Globe Pharma Bin Blender

    One (1) used Globe Pharma bin blender, model MB-1 2, stainless steel construction, with 1 and 2 cu. ft. interchangable stainless steel bins, 208 volts, serial# 12088053B.


    One (1) used Bosch CUK 3060 horizontal blister cartoner, capable of speeds up to 240 cartons per minute, has a carton size range: (Length) 34mm - 120mm (Width) 15mm - 85mm (Depth) 75mm - 120mm, includes dual Dorner blister feed conveyors, dual blister magazines, for automatic blister transfer, prefolded leaflet inserter as well as Rontech sheet fed leaflet inserter, Laetus Argus bar code scanner, embosse date coder, currently set up for tuck style cartons and has Nordson 3500 hot melt system for glued style carton applications, machine was new in 2001 and has 89 hours

  5. Weiler Tamper Evident Carton Labeler, Model CL2000R

    One (1) Unused Weiler tamper evident carton labeler, model CL 2000R, dual head, front and back design, top trap carton hold down conveyor, folding tools, rated up to 200 cartons/minute, approximate carton size range from 1" high x 4" wide x X" long to 6" high x 6" wide x X" long, Allen Bradley 505 PLC controller, serial# 13090, still on original shipping skid.NOTE PRICE INCLUDES A 15% BUYER PREMIUM

  6. Aylward Bottle Filling Line

    One (1) used Aylward tablet / capsule bottle filling line, model 530 DL , dual lane, 30 wheel design with reject station, serial# 3352, new 2003

  7. 16 Quart Gemco Slant Cone Dryer, 316 S/S, Bar

    One (1) used 16 quart Gemco slant cone dryer, 316 stainless steel construction, 14.25" split shell design, jacketed shell, vacuum arm, with liquid solids bar driven by 1.5 hp, 115/230 volt xp motor, 1 hp dc shell drive.

  8. BioTrak Real-Time Viable Particle Counter

    BioTrak Real-Time Viable Particle Counter offers best-in-class features and versatility in the exciting new field of real time airborne viable particle detection. 

  9. Microwave Reaction System: Multiwave PRO

    The Multiwave PRO microwave reaction system delivers the sample preparation solutions you need to obtain excellent trace analysis results, even with complicated, demanding samples.

  10. Uhlmann Horizontal Cartoner, Model C200

    One (1) used Uhlmann horizontal automatic cartoner, model C200, last running Nicoderm patches, bolt up infeed section on pallet, (no longer have string feeders), Laetus Argus 4 bar code scanner for leaflet/carton, Pac System controller, emboss code, includes Nordson Vista glue system, can be modified to run tuck or reverse tuck; carton size is min L = 30mm, W = 15mm, H = 65mm & maximum L = 100mm, W = 85mm, H = 150mm, typical maximum speed is 200 cartons per minute, serial# 152, 1994.