Pharmaceutical Products

  1. Centralized Product Inspection Monitoring Software

    Document your production and control your product inspection devices with data management software ProdX.

  2. Low Temperature Benchtop Bath: CharpyCool

    The new CharpyCool is a mechanically refrigerated bench top bath that eliminates the need for costly consumables such as liquid nitrogen or dry ice. Compact and completely self-contained, the CharpyCool offers up to 8 liters of working fluid volume enabling up to 91 Charpy impact test specimens to be accommodated at temperatures between -80°C and +30°C. A powerful variable speed magnetic stirrer and vortex breaker provide excellent temperature uniformity and stability enabling superior results. PID control enables the CharpyCool to sustain precise temperature control to within ± 0.1°C. The CharpyCool includes a digital temperature display, and an optional Charpy Rack is available which allows multiple-specimen loading and easy access to monitor your testing.

  3. NFPA 654 Standards Industrial Vacuum for Combustible Dust Removal: A15DX

    Cross-contamination can happen in tablet presses, capsule filling, milling, and polishing machines, pill de-dusters, and other equipment associated with pharmaceutical drug development and/or chemical production.  As powders, debris, and potent compounds within the environment threaten employee health and safety, they also threaten product purity. If you add the threat of combustible dust into the mix, you could potentially face something much worse.

  4. Used Capsugel Filler, Model ULTRA8

    Used Capsugel capsule filler, model ULTRA 8, stainless steel base with powder and capsule hoppers, vacuum pump and controls, with (1) set of size change parts, serial# UL1074.

  5. Carbon Dioxide Data Logger (CL11)

    The CL11 benchtop display unit is an inexpensive multiple parameter meter that simultaneously measures and records CO2, humidity and temperature. Equipped with the field-tested ROTRONIC HYGROMER® IN-1 humidity sensor, this instrument offers unbeatable value for money. Using the ROTRONIC software package SW21, it can be easily set to record as required and data can then be downloaded, saved and analyzed.

  6. High Throughput Evaporation System
    Mega Systems are designed for ultra-high throughput applications using sample formats with a footprint larger than a microtitre plate
  7. Restricted Access Barriers For Aseptic Manufacturing

    Restricted Access Barriers (RABs) were developed to enhance pharmaceutical aseptic processes carried out in conventional clean rooms. Extract Technology customer RABs are designed to fully comply with our customers’ requirements for aseptic pharmaceutical processing.

  8. Thermal Protection Containers: Crēdo™ ORC Series 4

    Blood banks, hospitals, emergency medical services and military organizations know the importance of protecting valuable blood supplies. When transporting materials that can mean the difference between life and death, a solution that ensures precise thermal control is essential so contents arrive intact, with the ability to be seamlessly reinstated into inventory.

  9. Double Planetary Mixers

    Ross Double Planetary Mixers produce a variety of high viscosity products in many applications

  10. Intelligent Compact Vision System For Pharmaceuticals

    Reliably monitors fast motion sequences. Supports diagnostics and commissioning.