Pharmaceutical Products

  1. Benchmark Series Freeze Dryer
    Pilot to production scale freeze dryers - The Benchmark Series Freeze Dryers are engineered to process pilot to production scale batches of pharmaceutical and biotech products. Custom configured to your freeze drying requirements.
  2. Commercial Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Services

    PCI offers flexible and globally compliant commercial scale pharmaceutical manufacturing of tablets, capsules, semi-solid and liquid oral preparations.

  3. Compact X-Ray Inspection Systems for Manufacturers

    The globally successful SC product line meets the highest standards of modern quality management. Nothing is left to chance in terms of process safety and hygienic design. A high performance camera detector equipped with HD-TDI technology ensures high resolution and sharp X-ray images, while providing the optimal basis for the image processing software developed at OCS. The minimal faulty rejection rate combines with the maximal detection accuracy to provide the greatest possible safety.

  4. Freeze Drying Loading and Unloading Equipment

    PennTechs customized Automatic Loading/Unloading Systems can be installed as part of a new freeze dryer installation and as retrofit with almost all existing freeze dryers.

  5. Pharmaceutical Tanks

    Often in Pharmaceutical processing, tank charging is required under an aseptic environment or for containment of potent powders.

  6. Pharmaceutical Steam Sterilizer

    The FOF steam sterilizer series is the synthesis of Fedegari’s approach: work hard to create simplicity to you, without compromising performance. Fedegari guarantees the highest performances thanks to its experience and daily work with customers: engineering solutions, developing software and components.

  7. Outside Digital Micrometer With Absolute Encoder

    Natoli’s outside dial micrometer with an absolute encoder accurately checks punch-working length.

  8. Pharmaceutical Tablet Press

    This economical tablet press was built to last with direct drive gears to reduce wear and decrease slippage. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, this reliable machine can produce more than 280,000 tablets per hour.

  9. Pharmaceutical Serialization With Tamper Evident Labeling System: TQS-HC-A

    TQS-HC-A, equipped with Tamper-Evident labeling systems on both sides, allows you to serialize the folding boxes, to verify the print, to seal the insertion flaps with Tamper-Evident labels, to apply vignettes from above, to discharge products according to diverse sort rules, and to determine the weight – all during throughput operations for pharmaceutical serialization compliance worldwide.

  10. Production Scale Conical Mill for Pharma: Uni-Mill M60 B

    The Hanningfield Uni-Mill M60-B is designed for the highest capacity production applications, typically milling bulk material.  This unit features a 609mm screen, enabling a throughput up to 7,200 kgs/hr (depending on application specifics). As standard, the M60-B inlet size is 560 x 280mm, with a 660mm diameter beaded outlet shroud (inlet / outlet configuration can be modified to suit any requirement). The M30-B is supplied with a 15.0kW motor, set to a standard speed of 480RPM (variable speed available).