Pharmaceutical Products

  1. Dual Shaft Mixers

    Ross Dual Shaft Mixers are an ecomonical alternative for the mixing and dispersion of viscous products. Vacuum and jacketed vessels are standard features of this design.

  2. Metered Dose Inhaler Processing Systems (MDI)

    Applications: Metered dose inhaler (MDIs), Nebulizers, sublingual’s, skin sprays (coolants, anesthetics, etc.), Dental spray & other similar pharmaceutical aerosols & HFA type products.

  3. Animal Research Biosafety Cabinet

    The NU-629 biosafety cabinet offers Class II sterility for animals and procedure work, and bio-hazard containment for scientists and technicians.

  4. Pharmaceutical Formulation Evaluation Services

    At Natoli Scientific, we utilize a network of university, consultant, and resident resources to investigate problems and offer our customers unique solutions to their product formulation and tooling requirements.

  5. Soft Gelatin Pharmaceutical Processing Plant Equipment

    These gelatin processing units feature a vacuum control system for Deaeration in gelatin cooker and in addition to a special electronic heating system.

  6. RheolabQC

    RheolabQC is a rotational rheometer based on state-of-the-art technologies also used in R&D rheometers. It combines unrivaled performance with easy operation and robust design. From quick single-point checks over flow curve and yield point determinations to complex rheological investigations: RheolabQC sets new standards for carrying out routine rheological tests. This powerful rheometer is an excellent example of a modern measuring instrument utilizing all available technical possibilities to ensure flexible, reliable and simple operation.

  7. Custom Process Stainless Steel Tanks
    Charles Ross & Son is one of the best-equipped and most highly respected custom stainless steel tank fabricators in North America. We offer a combination of engineering and manufacturing resources that few fabricators can match.
  8. Low-Foaming Liquid Detergent

    Concentrated, biodegradable, and disposable, this low-foaming heavy-duty detergent provides high-performance results for cleaning machinery. Use it to pass your cleaning validation tests for lab accreditation and plant inspection approval.

  9. Single Dose Blow/Fill/Seal Pharmaceutical Vials

    Unit dose Blow/Fill/Seal vials for one-time ophthalmic use have become an accepted international standard for pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging. The ASEP-TECH Advantage is reflected in the development of formulations that no longer contain preservatives, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions for patients.

  10. Media Fill Inspection

    Media Fill Inspection in the pharmaceutical industry has long been based on growth media culture methods. The general approach to media fill inspection is to incubate media filled vials for 14 days and then determine potential contamination with a visual inspection of the media sample. Over the last decade a number of Rapid Microbial Methods based on various analytical techniques have been implemented. These provide quicker, more sensitive, accurate, and reproducible test results when compared with conventional, growth-based methods. Recently, it has been demonstrated that laser-based headspace provides yet another alternative approach for detecting microbial contamination in sterile pharmaceutical product.