Pharmaceutical Products

  1. Monoblock Filling And Closing Equipment

    The MRF is a monoblock filling and closing machine for the processing of vials and infusion bottles up to 500 ml filling volume. Closure is done with rubber stoppers and aluminium overseal caps for vials, and in case of threaded bottles with droppers and screw caps.

  2. Pharmaceutical Development - Early Phase

    Almac’s experienced formulation scientists can develop a range of oral dose formulations for early stage clinical trials.

  3. Pharmaceutical Pulse-Jet Filters

    Pulse-Jet Filters provide automatic material-from-air separation. Airborne particles are separated by the filter media. Then sequenced, compressed-air pulses clean the filters, dropping the once airborne material into the hopper or silo.

  4. Tablet Deduster Unit With Metal Detection

    High-performance tablet deduster with the latest technology combined with a metal detector by Ceia or Lock. Tablets are dedusted and conveyed with our unique acceleration control and helix in the most sensitive way.

  5. Spelling Inspection Software For Pharmaceutical / Medical Device Packaging / Labeling

    Perform complete spellchecks of all copy directly in your artwork files including PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Word, and webpages in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing.

  6. On Demand Manufacturing

    Proto Labs offers two types of injection molding service options. The prototyping option is for design validation, and is best suited for those who need smaller part quantities. On-demand manufacturing offers the flexibility of on-demand production of end-use parts for those who require larger part quantities.

  7. MHI Vial Filler
    The MHI vial filler is specially designed for clinical trials vial filling. The MHI is built to the same high standards and features of a production system, but with the lower output and small footprint needed for trials filling.
  8. Isolator Drum Docking And Lift System

    The loading or docking of drums to an isolator can prove challenging, especially as isolators will often be positioned at different heights and angles. The versatile Hanningfield Drum Docking System can be used to satisfy this application offering reliable, repeatable and accurate docking of drums onto the inflatable seal port of the isolator.

  9. Containment and Pharma Powder Recovery Systems: Cyclone

    The Hanningfield Uni-Dust cyclone is specifically designed for the recovery of waste powder from pharmaceutical OSD processes such as compression and encapsulation, typically capturing between 90 – 99.9% of waste powder. We have successfully installed our cyclone to Fette, Korsch, Zanasi, Bosch, Kilian and numerous other process machines.  Where required, the cyclone can incorporate a manifold for connection to ancillary equipment such as tablet dedusters or capsule polishers.

  10. Stainless Steel Mobile Trolley

    Hanningfield are able to supply stainless steel mobile trolleys to improve the handling and movement of containers, bowls and other process equipment. Where required, trolleys can be custom built to accommodate any item and can include locking mechanisms for securing the load during transit.