Pharmaceutical Products

  1. Carbide Tip Punches

    Natoli carbide tip punches can maintain tablet quality and increase tool life up to 500% by preventing abrasive material from deteriorating punch tips.

  2. Sanitary Vacuum Conveyor: Uni-Vac V50

    The Uni-Vac V50 vacuum conveyor features a hygienic 50 litre capacity conical hopper, enabling throughputs up to 3000 kgs/hr (subject to application specifics, figure based upon a typical pharmaceutical powder with bulk density of ~0.6g/cm3).

  3. Class III Biosafety Cabinet Glove Box

    NuAire's family of Labgard Class III Biological Safety Cabinets are Glove Boxes that provide unsurpassed protection and dependability for personnel handling hazardous materials.

  4. IsoPharm Isolator

    Extract Technology are a leading worldwide supplier of containment and aseptic systems for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotech and chemical markets.

  5. Small Volume Pharmaceutical Parenteral Packaging Systems

    Applications for Small Volume Parenterals include local anesthetics, vaccines, and other traditional injectable products. The 10 to 100 mL range is typically designed for multi-dose applications.

  6. Freeze Dryer For Solid-Dose Applications

    Virtis has managed to pack valuable features in this small freeze dryer system for your laboratory needs. The smallest shelf freeze dryer offered, this equipment can be configured with a manual or automated control system and as a bulk or stoppering freeze dryer.

  7. Flexible Integrity Testing Of Isolator Gloves

    The Bosch Glove Testing System GloveFIT (Flexible Integrity Tester) is the optimal solution for the testing of isolator gloves. Testing the integrity of gloves is critical yet challenging.

  8. Biological Safety Cabinet- Class II, Type B2- Labgard 430

    The Labgard 430 / 435 Combines the Ventilation of a Fume Hood with the Personnel and Product Protection of a Biological Safety Cabinet.

  9. Tablet Coater

    The Premier 500 coating system is for large sized batches up to 600 litres. Capable of working with aqueous and organic film and sugar solutions, it is suited for all tablet coating requirements. With segmented drum technology the efficient coating of pellets and seed API’s is also proven.

  10. Alcojet: Low-Foaming Powdered Detergent

    Concentrated to save you money. Biodegradable and readily disposable. Non-ionic, low foaming cleaner for high performance from your cleaning machinery without damaging washer parts. Free rinsing to give you reliable results and no interfering residues. Use to pass your cleaning validation tests for lab accreditation and plant inspection approval.