Pharmaceutical Products

  1. Sanitary VersaMix

    Charles Ross & Son Company’s Sanitary PVM 200-gallon VersaMix was designed to produce sanitary emulsions in short mixing cycles...

  2. Vacuum Homogenizers & Systems for Pharmaceutical Processing

    Equipment strategies for increasing process versatility in the Medical Industry
    The best strategy for improving the versatility and efficiency of your mixing equipment will depend upon the parameters of your particular application. But for most applications, these general guidelines will at least provide a springboard to re-examine your equipment and develop a plan to improve production.


  3. Nilfisk T Plus Series Industrial Vacuum

    The Nilfisk T26 Plus industrial vacuum cleaner is the ultimate workhorse. It quickly removes dirt, debris, and liquids.

  4. Ross Opens New Factory
    Charles Ross & Son Company today announced the recent opening of a second manufacturing plant in China.
  5. Nalgene Certified Clean Polycarbonate Biotainer Carboys

    Specifically designed for pharmaceutical and biological manufacturing, Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Certified Clean Polycarbonate Biotainer™ Carboys are sterile containers, free from added interfering chemicals and low in particulates, are required to maintain both cleanroom as well as product integrity.

    • Certified and lot-to-lot tested to meet USP <788> low particulate requirements to limit potential particulate contamination
    • Clean room produced in ISO Class 7 to limit particulates during molding 
    • Sterile, ready-to-use products with robust triple-layer packaging for clean room use
    • Certified low endotoxin (0.50 EU/mL) according to USP <85> to limit pyrogens
    • Durable, translucent PC construction ensures the integrity of your sample, even frozen to -100°C.
    • Products can be supplied with certificates, forced extraction studies and validation binders (provided under a confidentiality agreement) 
  6. Pharmaceutical Isolators For Filling Applications

    Isolator systems are becoming increasingly important to the pharmaceutical industry. The improvement in product quality, the reduction of operating costs and the capability of longer production runs are significant advantages in comparison to conventional clean room production.

  7. Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Encapsulation Services

    Ropack Pharma Solutions provides encapsulation services for commercial pharmaceutical and natural health products as well as over-encapsulation for clinical application. Our hard gelatin fillers are designed specifically for powder filling and can  accommodate capsule sizes from 3 through 00. Clinical over-encapsulation adjusts for such potential discrepancies as weight, sound and visual differences.

  8. Nalgene Certified Platinum Clean HDPE Bottles and Carboys

    Nalgene Certified Platinum Clean HDPE Bottles and Carboys help reduce the potential for carry-over contamination. The new certified platinum clean products include particulate certifications to under 1/3 the allowable limits according to USP <788> and lower endotoxin levels of 0.25 EU/mL, to help mitigate potential sources of unwanted impurities.

    • Certified to contain less than 1/3 of the allowable particulates limits specified in USP <788>
    • Water-washed containers that reduce particle load contribution, including USP WFI for the final rinse, so there are no added detergents or chemicals
    • Sterile products ready-to-use with robust triple-layer packaging for cleanroom use
    • Products can be supplied with certificates, forced extraction studies and validation binders (provided under a confidentiality agreement) 
  9. Lab Fluid Bed System: Unilab
    This multi-purpose laboratory fluid bed device provides you with reliable and reproducible results. The unique NexStep scale-up software enables their projection to any production plant, steps of ten belong to the past.
  10. Market Research Report: Marketing Channels – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    This market research report highlights how biopharmaceutical decision-makers prefer to receive industry information and their preferred media outlets for obtaining said information. It includes information on pharmaceutical manufacturing conferences, webinars, email newsletter readership, print publication readership, social media, and more.