Pharmaceutical Products

  1. Rectangular Aperture Metal Detectors

    SAFELINE rectangular aperture metal detectors are designed to deliver unrivalled levels of detection sensitivity to all metal contaminants in conveyorized, loose, or packaged products.

  2. Hygienic Checkweigher With Wash Down Capabilities: HC-M-WD

    The HC-M-WD is the ideal solution in industrial sectors that have especially high hygiene and cleaning requirements. The unique and innovative construction along with the solid stainless steel design makes it perfectly suitable for installation in moist and wet environments as well as for intensive and frequently repeating cleaning cycles (e.g. with steam jets).

  3. NU-4750 Autoflow Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubator

    The US AutoFlow NU-4750 water-jacket cell culture incubator virtually runs itself to dependably control temperature and CO2 level. NuAire co2 incubators utilize HEPA filters to eliminate contamination in the growth chamber.

  4. Octagon Shaped Pharmaceutical Blender

    Octagonal Blender, due to its octagonal shape is designed to process larger volume of material. It occupies less space compared to other similar blenders like ‘V’ and Double Cone.

  5. Pharmaceutical Tablet Deduster: E80-N

    Ideal for production of middle-sized charges and research applications.

  6. GeoPyc 1360 Envelope Density Analyzer

    The GeoPyc 1360 Envelope Density Analyzer is a revolutionary instrument for rapidly measuring the envelope density of porous objects of irregular size and shape.

  7. Animal Cleanroom Containment Enclosure

    The Labgard 605 Animal Containment Enclosure is flexible and efficient, acting as both an animal isolator and mini clean room.

  8. Food and Pharma Leak Detection System: VeriPac 355

    VeriPac 355 is a non-destructive micro leak detection system for container closure integrity and package integrity testing for a wide range of products and packaging formats. This system is specifically designed to test containers for gas leaks for dry products (lyophilized vials, powder filled) as well test for liquid leaks (non-protein based liquid filled vials, prefilled syringes). The VeriPac 355 can be incorporated into protocols at any point in the handling process as it is non-destructive and requires no sample preparation. With the capability to detect leak rates as low as 0.2 cc/min, depending on packaging specifications, the VeriPac 355 is the optimal non-destructive quantitative test method for many pharmaceutical and food applications.

  9. Compact Checkweigher with Data Capture Technology: EC-E

    Reliability and transparency of production data are the basis of all planning. The EC-E checkweigher from WIPOTEC-OCS guarantees 100% data capture in ongoing production.

  10. Planetary Mixer

    Charles Ross & Son's line of double planetary mixers produce a variety of viscosity products