Pharmaceutical Products

  1. Conductivity Sensors

    The 140 series sensors are available with a range of cell constants, allowing optimum matching of the sensor to the expected conductivity. For low conductivity, choose the 142 sensor (available with either 0.01 or 0.1 / cm cell constants). For moderately high conductivity choose either the 140 or 141 sensors (both available with 0.2 or 1.0 / cm cell constants). The cell constant is accurate to within ±5 % of the nominal value, so the error in the measured conductivity will be at least ±5 %. For higher accuracy, the sensor must be calibrated by the user. A broad range of calibration standards is available.

  2. Freeze Dryer Automatic Loading And Unloading Systems
    Hull supplies patented, highly efficient, totally automated vial loading and unloading systems to facilitate the lyophilization of parenteral, cytotoxic, and other freeze dried products with special handling requirements.
  3. Contract Packaging Services For Clinical Trials

    Ropack Pharma Solutions offers turnkey primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging services of solid oral dosages into blisters, bottles, flip-top vials, stick-packs and sachets.

  4. Gemini VII 2390 Series Surface Area Analyzers
    Accurate, Fast and Economical Micromeritics’ Gemini VII 2390 Series of surface area analyzers rapidly and reliably produces accurate and repeatable surface area and porosity results. Their low cost, high speed simplicity of use, reliability, and ruggedness have earned the Gemini a place in research and quality control laboratories worldwide.
  5. SmartRocker Bioreactor

    At Finesse, our goal is to enable customers to quickly and efficiently manufacture innovative drugs and vaccines. The SmartRocker™ brings next generation control and measurement to rocking bioreactor applications. A SmartRocker is controlled by a G3Lab™ Universal SmartController and Finesse TruBio® software. This turn-key package provides a complete solution for research, process development, or seed train production applications.

  6. Pharmaceutical Tanks

    Often in Pharmaceutical processing, tank charging is required under an aseptic environment or for containment of potent powders.

  7. Small Volume Pharmaceutical Parenteral Packaging Systems

    Applications for Small Volume Parenterals include local anesthetics, vaccines, and other traditional injectable products. The 10 to 100 mL range is typically designed for multi-dose applications.

  8. Ropack Adds High Speed Blistering, Cartoning And Serialization Capabilities

    The BEC 300, manufactured by Uhlmann, is the eighth and newest blister line at Ropack Pharma Solutions. The single-lane unit integrates blistering, cartoning and serialization. The highly efficient BEC 300, which produces cold formed (alu/alu) and Aclar® blisters at high speeds, will be serialization-ready by May 2017, well ahead of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) mandate of November 2017.

  9. Cappers - VRK
    Bosch cappers are used in vial production lines to place and seal aluminum caps over rubber stoppers. The VRK gives you compact, low-particulate capping using aluminum caps, along with a variety of others, with nearly tool-less size change and digital position indicators
  10. Solo Microactivity Reactor

    Advanced microactivity reactor for real-time, in process, activity and selectivity measurements of Catalyst