Product Inspection Featured Articles

  1. Physical Properties Tests For The Pharmaceutical Engineer

    Products packaged for consumer use by the pharma industry go through a battery of tests related to how the user applies the product. 

  2. Which Test Is Appropriate For Container Closure Integrity?

    Validation of container integrity must demonstrate no penetration of microbial contamination or gain or loss of any chemical or physical parameter deemed necessary to protect the product.

  3. Blister Package Integrity Testing Using Non-Destructive Methods

    Dye ingress leak testing and vacuum decay are the most common methods used for leak testing blister packages.

  4. Recommended Cleanroom Detergents For Medical Device Manufacturing

    For cleanroom cleaning, users should consider liquid concentrate detergents to avoid the creation of powdered clouds in the classified environment.  

  5. What Does Free Rinsing Detergent Mean?

    Q. What does free rinsing detergent mean?

  6. Removing Silicone Grease From Syringes

    A faster and more efficient method to remove silicone grease from syringes is to use very hot water for cleaning and very hot water for rinsing. 

  7. Removal Of Water Spots & Oil On Pharma & Laboratory Glassware

    Q. We see white water spots on cleaned and depyrogenated vials. Looks to be scale from the washer. Do you have a recommended cleaning agent for vial washing? I am told that use of detergents is not an industry norm. We also have baked on process fluids (oils) and would like to know if it is an industry norm to use detergents to remove such substances from glass vials used for injectable drugs. Can you provide me any literature on the subject?

  8. Cleaning Detergents For Stainless Steel Dishwashers

    Q. What kind of cleaner options can you provide which can be safely be used in stainless steel dishwashers?

  9. Residue Testing Using UV And HPLC Methods

    Q. We are interested in Alconox® detergent for cleaning during our production process. Since we produce several kinds of medicine, we need to be sure Alconox® do not leave any residue after cleaning. We want to test the residue of Alconox® by UV method or HPLC method. Could you send reference or guide on these methods?

  10. Residue Testing With pH Strips

    Q. Can I use pH paper to confirm cleaning and rinsing of labware to comply with lab accreditation requirements?